Your 2019 music playlist and my 3 favorites

Your 2019 music playlist
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Tis the season of giving and I’m here to gift you with your 2019 music playlist. Happy Holidays! 

Playlists are a great way to stream music. Just hit play and you are off onto a whole other vibe. 

Sometimes music gets you in the mood for a good cry or sometimes you get pumped and want to run 5 miles. Pick whatever you are in the mood for!

The 2019 music playlist can be found right here. This playlist has it all -it is meant to take the legwork out of finding music for the rest of the year. 

It’s a long one that’s locked and loaded so brace yourself. As a special gift for my readers, I wanted to share my 2019 music playlist because it’s simply been a great year of streaming music. 

I’ve learned about a lot of artists, experimented with my own taste, and simply want to keep spreading the musical joy. 

Good music can always stay in rotation, if you are looking for more posts about music feel free to check these out:

 Disclaimer: I don’t listen to the radio so this 2019 music playlist is a list of tracks that aren’t exactly commercial, mainstream, nor on the radio. There are also songs from different years not just 2019.


So what can you expect inside this playlist? Expect a long array of artists that will showcase different talent and a unique sound. 

Maybe you’ve never heard of these music genres before, that’s fine. Discovering new music calls for an experiment.

Enjoy testing out and listening to new music to see what is your style. This collection of music is not for one specific type of genre nor sound. 

This playlist is made off of what I streamed throughout the year so expect a strong and varied foundation. 

My intentions are to have you listen to and experiment new music. Your 2019 music playlist can be found right here.

Here are 3 of my favorite artists that I’ve enjoyed discovering in 2019:

1. Kokoroko


Location: London, UK

I came across Kokoroko randomly on Spotify and instantly fell in love with them. 

Kokoroko is a large group that is composed of 7 talented members. Individually they each bring something special to the table. 

Their music consists of sounds from West African roots and the members are as follows:

  • Saxophone: Cassie Kinoshi
  • Guitar: Oscar Jerome
  • Percussion:Onome Ighmare
  • Drums: Ayo Salawu
  • Keyboard: Yohan Kebede
  • Trombone:Richie Seivright
  • Trumpet: Sheila Maurice Gre

Press that play to hear one of my favorite tracks that’s on your 2019 music playlist. 

Your 2019 music playlist Kokoroko

2.cinematic orchestra

Genre: Nu Jazz, Electronic, Down Tempo 

Location: London, UK

It’s possible there is something in the water in United Kingdom. 

There’s no doubt that a strong and diverse  music scene is rooted there and Cinematic Orchestra proves no different.

On your 2019 music playlist, the band that names themselves Cinematic Orchestra separates themselves from the crowd because they are combing Jazz and Electronic music with a literal orchestra. 

It’s a game changer and I love it. 

Cinematic Orchestra is Signed to record label Ninja Tune and is composed of the following members:

  • Drums: Luke Flowers
  • DJ: PC Swinscoe
  • Saxaphone: Tom Chant
  • Piano: Nick Ram
  • Guitar: Stuart McCallum
  • Double Bass: Phil France

If you like what you see and want to learn even more about Cinematic Orchestra, you can go here.

Your 2019 music playlist

3. Tom jarmey

Genre: Dance/Electronic

Location: Manchester, UK

Age is nothing but a number right? 

Tom Jarmey might be young but has already made huge break throughs in the music scene. 

With a party line named Wax Villainy and his music released from labels like Shadow City and he is 100% an artist to be on your radar. 

So glad I’ve discovered Tom this year. 

The following song below (What does honey taste like) has been on repeat for ages now. 

Your 2019 music playlist

The 2019 music playlist is a long one. I hope you enjoy streaming it. Let me know your favorite tracks/artists below.

Happy Holidays !! 


i say goodbye with a tune

Leaving you with another Tom Jarmey tune – Beach Jazz because I sure am dreaming about warmer weather this winter.

Press that play! 


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