Thanksgiving – Why it’s the best American Holiday

Thanksgiving is the BEST American holiday! It is a beautiful and festive day to give thanks and practice gratitude spent with loved ones. 

If you’re American you’ve obviously heard of the holiday. On the contrary, if you are not, here’s a quick and informational video below to give you the 4-1-1 in less than 3 minutes.

Watch this and comment me at the bottom of the page if you have any additional questions about it after reading.

thanksgiving turkey

As a true foodie at heart, I will never get over how much amazing food is around during the festivities. Thanksgiving is an American holiday so it is only on this day, in this part of the world you can simply feast with loved ones. 

You can eat a ridiculous amount and it’s acceptable. No one is frowning upon anyone at the fact of overeating and/or indulging. 

As someone who personally really loves and appreciates food, Thanksgiving is basically a foodies dream. 

There are so many different types of food staples depending on who you ask but the most common classics during the holiday are:

  • Turkey – First and foremost this is the base of everything
  • Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yams, Baked Potatoes
  • Gravy!
  • Corn, Cranberries, and Squash
  • Depending on your culture you have your own little twist to what is served
So in addition to incredibly delicious food, we also have abundance. You’re probably thinking, and?! Well this calls for leftovers! 
And a whole lot of it. I know people who eat left overs for about 5 days straight! Including me if it’s still available. 
People really, really love Thanksgiving left overs. It is never a bad idea to bring back some type of holiday food to reminisce on the greatness experienced the day before. Cheers to leftovers! 

2. a day to focus on gratitude

thanksgiving gratitude

Thanksgiving is the only holiday where the focus is to express gratitude and give thanks. 

Christmas is supposed to be focused on gratitude too yet can end up becoming very materialistic (depending on personal beliefs and values.) 

am a fan of gratitude and continue to try to practice more and more gratitude every day. It is always a beautiful reminder that we should be grateful everyday not just on the holiday. 

For a whole 24 hours it is nice that people really appreciate things much more. It’s almost like many of us are on the same page with our attitudes and concept of gratitude for the day.

It also calls for a tiny reality check. In the end the holiday helps people realize that they are behaving so grateful on only one day of the year. 

This definitely helps for people to get clarity and check in with themselves to see how they are doing on these certain pillars of life. Gratitude is important!

3. simply the most underestimated holiday

thanksgiving food

No one can deny that in United States the Holiday calendar tends to go like this: Labor Day, Halloween, Christmas, and then New Years. 

Thanksgiving tends to get skipped year after year. I’m not sure why it always get overlooked. 

This doesn’t mean that people don’t celebrate it, it just simply means that it’s not advertised as much as it should be. Black Friday doesn’t count. 

I’m talking about the decorations, the festive spirit, the start of the real Holiday spirit. In comparison to Christmas, it is like comparing peaches and apples. The day is simply underestimated.

I always say never underestimate the underdog! Since I was younger, things have definitely changed regarding awareness and advertisements about the festive day.

Now you see many more stores are incorporating things into Thanksgiving which is really nice to see more of.


4. Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year for travel which calls for a family reunion

Family! We love them even if they drive us a little crazy. How often do we get to see them? For a lot of people this is the only family reunion they have Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled holidays each and every single year in America. 

According to CNN it is THE busiest time to travel in America. Feel free to take a closer look of America’s busiest time of the year via CNN for more statistics. 

Reunions are for catching up with old family and friends you haven’t seen in ages. The holiday allows people to finally get together even when schedules don’t align. 

Being that people are traveling, they are obviously going to go be with loved ones and family for the holiday. Some people enjoy the travels, others don’t. 

This is the first time I’ve actually flown for the holiday and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all but I also left over a week in advance. I was definitely thinking ahead and trying to dodge the crowds. 


5. calls for a friendsgiving


So we have the food, the gratitude, the festive vibe, our family, we simply can not forget our lovely friends!! The holiday calls for one of the funnest events ever, FRIENDSGIVING. 

The name is pretty self explanatory but i’ll get into the nitty gritty details. 

Friends will usually get together with their social crew and one person will host, just like we would for a family dinner. Then each invited attendee brings a tray/plate to share with other friends. 

It is like twice the feast if you have a Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving. Which calls for you, you guessed it, even more leftovers! I love to eat so this is a + in my book. 

It’s more common for Friendsgiving to be done much in advance just to provoke an actual chance for people to get together.

Just like getting together with family and having a reunion, Friendsgiving lets you do this. Here’s a video of my personal Friendsgiving just to show you how some of the magic, actuaally happens. 

Simply put – Thanksgiving sets off the holiday spirit right. Cheers to enjoying the holiday spirit with loved ones. Nothing better! I wish you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate 🙂 Let me know in the comments below!


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