Best Churros in Madrid: The Ultimate Guide to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Are you looking for the best sugary snack to satisfy your sweet tooth in Madrid? In this guide we’ll share our favourite spots for finding the best churros in Madrid including everything from classic history to how to order!

Look no further than churros – a traditional Spanish pastry that’s served with thick, creamy hot chocolate! Whether it’s a mid-afternoon pick me up or dessert after a delicious meal of tapas, any visit to Spain is incomplete without trying this iconic dish.

From quaint family-run cafes to night markets and high-end restaurants, there are plenty of places where you can find some amazing churros all around Madrid. Read on for some mouthwatering satisfaction with the ultimate guide for locating the finest churro delight in Madrid.

What are churros and porras?

best churros madrid

Churros are a popular Spanish and Latin American pastry. In Spain, they are basically fried dough sticks that are sometimes coated in sugar. Churros and porras are both Spanish-origin pastries that are typically enjoyed as a breakfast or snack item.

Churros are often served with hot chocolate or coffee. People usually dip the churros into hot chocolate. It is super tasty and delicious.

What are Spanish Porras

Porras are another type of churro in Spain, Porras are also made from a dough that is deep-fried, but the difference between porras and churros is the size. The porras are always bigger and wider. Churros in Spain are thin where porras are thick. Both are always served with hot chocolate or coffee to dip.

When do people eat churros in Madrid

best churros madrid

In Spain you’ll learn that they call snack “meriendas” and it’s usually from 5-7pm, this is when people frequently snack on churros and porras. People in Spain eat churros during merienda as well as the cold winter months.

You definitely will not really catch alot of people eating churros in Madrid or Spain during the summer, it’s too hot in this part of the world.

Where to find the best churros in Madrid

Churros are a popular Spanish dessert and can be found all over Madrid. However, not all churros are created equal. Here is a list of some of the best places to find churros in Madrid:

Chocolatería San Ginés –

Chocolatería de San Gines is super famous for its churros and chocolate. It’s been around since 1894 and is a must-visit for any churro lover. They have 2 locations right next to Plaza Mayor, one for eat in and one for take away.

If you don’t fancy a line, make sure to get take away only a few meters away, there’s hardly ever a wait there 😉 It’s also a pastry shop so you can get other sweets while you’re there.

This place is the best because it’s the only churros place in Madrid that still has the true history living in it. The waiters are dressed up in certain jackets and inside is full of history taking you down a historical journey.

Churrería Siglo XIX –

This place is known for its fresh and delicious churros. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.Want churros delivered to your doorstep? Head to their website and get those churro cravings down! This is one of the more modern takes to churros in Madrid, but Churreria Siglo XIX is definitely one of the best churros in Madrid for quality and convenience.

Churrería Madrid 1883 –

if you want super fresh churros from a recipe thats been handed down for generations, head to 1883. Locals and tourists alike love that the churros are made right in front of you and are NOT overly greasy. Hard to do with churros sometimes but 1883 doesnt disappoint. They’ve also blended their traditional history to modern day for everyone to enjoy.

Churrería Milagros –

These churros are known to be rich and the chocolate is known to be super decadent. There’s also not much space here but the staff makes u feel super welcome you’re sure to want to come back soon!

Mayoma – known for its friendly service and traditional churros, mayoma is ddefinitely one ofthe best churros in madrid.

Chocolat –

A true local’s favorite. Chocolat is a super small but lovely delicious place. You won’t find this on my spain travel blogs because only the true locals know what’s up. OLE!!!!

Churrería San Telmo –

This churrería is famous for its huge churros. They’re perfect for satisfying your cravings! This isn’t in the city center, in the outskirts but it could be a good option if you are in that area of Madrid for some reason.

Churrería Takel –

This churreria offers some of the best churros in Madrid. The churros are fluffy and crispy, and the chocolate is rich and creamy. This is more of a bar setting though.

What to expect at a churros stall or restaurant

A traveler can expect a long line at certain churros stall in Madrid, Spain.

It really depends on where and when you go to get churros. If you go on a early cold morning, you will probably find a long line. Additionally there are some places that are always packed like San Gines.

To beat the lines, go early or be quick once you’re inside to avoid forming a line. Most churro places are meant to be quick and are in and out anyways.

Where and when to get churros in Madrid:

You want to get churros early in the morning so they are fresh and also to beat the morning rush. Outside of the morning, you want to try to get it during merienda because churros is certainly not an all day thing everywhere it is sold in Spain so remember that!

There are 3 different places to get churros: churro food stands, churreria bar/restaurants (a restaurant that specializes in churros), and chocolate/pastry shops. Churros stalls are the ones you’ll find on the street that look like kiosks and say “churreria.” These churreria stands have very specific schedules and are open very limited hours.

Than you have chocolaterias that serve churros and other chocolate sweets and desserts, it will also likely serve other types of Spanish pastries, such as empanadas or cream puffs.

Lastly, you have churrerias and bars that serve churros and other food in a bar setting.

At a churreria, travelers can expect to find a variety of food outside of churros, such as sandwiches, and spanish omelettes.

How to order churros in Madrid

When you order churros in Madrid, you’ll usually be given the option of choosing between two sizes: churros or porras. Churros is the small thin size, while the large size is porras and is super thick. You’ll also be asked if you want it with chocolate or sometimes coffee.

The most common way to order churros is by asking for “churros con chocolate,” which means “churros with chocolate.” However, you can also order them one by one in some places.

You’ll know a place is really good churro place if the chocolate is good too.

The ultimate guide to eating churros in Madrid

If you’re visiting Madrid, you’ll definitely want to try out some of the city’s best churros. Whether a restaurant or a stall, No matter where you decide to try them out traveler, make sure to indulge in a few of Madrid’s delicious churros!

Overall, Madrid is a wonderful place to experience the warm, gooey deliciousness of churros. From street fairs to traditional restaurants, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy them. Don’t forget the cup of hot chocolate though – it’s the perfect complement to your churros!

Our guide is the key to ensuring you get the most out of your churro experience in Madrid. So if you’re feeling brave enough and want to indulge in a sweet treat, then definitely add this to your list of must-do activities while visiting Madrid!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the real Spanish pleasure! ¡El verdadero placer español!/

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