best places to visit in spain for first-timers

Best places to visit in Spain for first-timers

If you are planning a trip to Spain, there is no shortage of stunning places to explore. Here’s a guide to the best places to visit in Spain for first-timers. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, or historic architecture, Spain has something for everyone.

With so many great cities and towns throughout the country, it can be hard to decide where to begin your journey. Madrid – best places to visit in Spain for first-timers who want lots of culture and royal aesthetic!

best places to visit in spain for first-timers

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is the perfect place to start your Spanish adventure. From its grandiose buildings and monuments, like the Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor, to its bustling streets and markets, there’s something here for every type of traveler.

Be sure to visit one of Madrid’s famous art galleries while you’re here—many are free during certain time frames. Madrid is the perfect cultural hub for first time travelers to Spain.

It is also the capital so the perfect place to start your Spanish adventure! Do not try to compare Madrid and Barcelona because theyre truly uncomparable. They are also so, so, different, and if you’re not sure which to visit, perhaps you should visit both! Madrid is more grown, royal, and classy where Barcelona is hip, carefree, and full of partying.

Barcelona – the best places to visit in Spain for first-timers who want culture, beach, and nightlife

best places to visit in spain for first-timers

It’s impossible to talk about Spain without mentioning Barcelona. From the stunning architecture of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia to the lively bars in El Raval, there’s something for everyone here. Head to La Rambla for some people-watching and window-shopping, or take a free walking tour to get to know the city.

This vibrant Mediterranean city is home to some of Spain’s most iconic attractions, including La Sagrada Família church and Park Güell. Barcelona offers a mix of culture, nightlife, and adventure activities like biking or kayaking on the beach. It’s also home to some delicious traditional cuisine—don’t miss out on Barcelona’s famous tapas!

Granada – best places to visit in Spain for history fanatics

The city of Granada is steeped in history with its winding cobblestone streets lined with ancient Moorish architecture. Here you can also find Alhambra palace which offers breathtaking views over the city from its hilltop location. Don’t forget to try Granada’s favorite dish—the traditional flamenquín pork roll with potatoes!

Granda is located in the South of Spain and is a great option to explore southern spain lifestyle. In the south of Spain they are also VERY generous when it comes to purchasing drinks. This is where the concept of tapas comes from. In Granada, with each drink you order, you get tapas, and some people even eat dinner like that! So when in Granada, enjoy!

Seville –best places to visit in Spain for first-timers who want to experience the Andaluz lifestyle

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and offers a unique southern Spanish experience. This vibrant city is home to some incredible sights, including the world’s largest Gothic cathedral and the Alcázar palace complexroll through the narrow streets in Barrio, or explore the nearby Carmona.

Don’t forget to sample some of Seville’s delicious tapas—it is one of the best destinations for authentic Spanish food. Seville is also one of th most beautiful cities of Spain.

You will quickly see why once you lays your eyes on it. DO NOT go to Seville or the South of Spain in the summer. It gets insanely hot, over 45+ celsius and is not for the faint of heart. Be mindful of the weather when you are planning a trip to Spain. Seville’s old town center makes it one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its mix of ancient Arab architecture combined with modern skyscrapers that offer unique views over the city at night!

Take a wander through Seville’s old quarter during daylight hours before watching one of its famous flamenco shows in the evening – they’re not ones you’ll soon forget!

Mallorca – best places to visit in Spain for first-timers who want beautiful beaches

Located off the coast of mainland Spain in the Mediterranean Sea lies Mallorca—an island paradise boasting stunning beaches and crystal clear water that will make you never want to leave! In addition to lazing around on the sand all day long, there are plenty of activities available such as kayaking or snorkeling along Mallorca’s coastline.

Valencia –

Valencia is known as one of Spain’s most modern cities due it its cutting-edge architecture and buzzing nightlife scene. Visit during Las Fallas festival when vibrant parades fill the streets each day! But don’t forget about Valencia’s historical side too; take a stroll through El Carmen neighborhood where you’ll find narrow cobbled alleys lined with old houses that still retain their charm from centuries ago!

San Sebastián –

San Sebastián is nestled between mountains and sea in northern Spain making it an ideal destination for nature lovers who want access both terrestrial adventures as well as beach days spent soaking up some sun!

The city itself boasts incredible food thanks to its abundance fresh seafood caught each day by local fishermen. Plus there are plenty cafes scattered throughout town offering tasty pintxos (tapas) snacks – don’t leave without trying them all!

Ibiza –

Ibiza may be known as an island party destination but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing else on offer here – far from it actually! The island of Ibiza caters for all types travelers; whether that be culture enthusiasts who want explore Ibiza Town’s wealth architectural heritage or those seeking out adventure activities like kayaking or zip lining across Ibiza countryside!.

Why should you visit Spain for the first time

Visiting Spain for the first time is an exciting opportunity to explore a different culture, experience delicious cuisine and visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Whether you’re looking for vibrant nightlife or breathtaking historical sites like the Alhambra palace in Granada, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Spain.

Is Spain expensive?

Spain isn’t expensive and it can be significantly cheaper if you are coming from the Americas. If you want to do luxury, ofcourse it can be expensive, depending on where you stay and what activities you plan to do. However, with a little research and planning it is possible to have a great time without breaking the bank!

Airbnb apartments are generally cheaper than hotels while local restaurants offer amazing cuisine at good prices. Additionally, there are plenty of free attractions, so you will not be bored.

When is the best time to visit Spain?

The best time to visit Spain is generally between April and June or September and October when the weather is usually pleasant with temperatures ranging from 20-25 degrees Celsius (68-77 Fahrenheit). The summer months are also popular for tourists due to their warm temperatures, but these months can be quite crowded and VERY hot – so it’s best to avoid these times.


There are so many incredible destinations worth visiting in Spain—these seven destinations just scratch the surface when it comes exploring what this amazing country has offer first-time travelers! From bustling cities full culture and history Granada or Seville ancient ruins like Alhambra palace Valencian beaches crystal clear waters Mallorca these seven locations provide something everyone making them perfect introduction Spanish travel!

Whether you’re looking party hard Ibiza or soak up some sunshine Valencia there truly something everyone explore enjoy next trip abroad!. So grab tickets get ready experience best that Spanish culture has offer!. Bon voyage!

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