Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet: Top Picks of 2024

Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

As winter approaches, it’s time for snow enthusiasts to hit the slopes and enjoy some thrilling snowboarding adventures. However, finding the right snowboard gear, especially snowboard boots, can be a daunting task for those with wide feet. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some of the best snowboard boots for wide feet, along with tips on how to choose the perfect fit.

Salomon Dialogue Wide Snowboard Boots

The Salomon Dialogue Wide Snowboard Boots are a great choice for those with wider feet and larger calves. These boots come with an ultra-comfortable heat-moldable liner that adapts to the shape of your foot. Additionally, the Salomon Dialogue boots have a medium flex, giving riders a balanced blend of support and flexibility.

K2 Maysis Wide

Another option for wide feet is the K2 Maysis Wide Boots. These boots come with the K2 Double BOA lacing system, allowing for a snug and secure fit. Additionally, the K2 Maysis Wide Snowboard Boots feature a medium-to-stiff flex, providing ample support and control for intermediate to advanced riders.

Burton Ruler Wide

Burton Ruler Wide Snowboard Boots

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of snowboard boots that is perfect for all-mountain riding, the Burton Ruler Wide Snowboard Boots won’t disappoint. These boots feature the Imprint 2 liner, which provides excellent cushioning and warmth for your feet. The Speed Zone lacing system also makes it easy to adjust the fit of your Burton boots on the go.

DC Control Wide Snowboard Boots

DC Control Wide Snowboard Boots

The DC Control Wide Snowboard Boots are an excellent option for riders with wider feet looking for a hybrid all-mountain/freestyle boot. The DC boots have a medium flex, providing enough support for big air jumps while still giving you enough flexibility for rails and boxes. The regular fit and lace-up closure offer a customizable fit, ensuring maximum comfort on the mountain.

Ride Anthem Wide Snowboard Boots

Ride Anthem Wide Snowboard Boots

Last but not least, the Ride Anthem Wide Snowboard Boots are an affordable yet reliable option for wide-footed riders. These boots come with an Intuition Support Foam liner, which molds to your foot’s exact shape for a custom fit. The medium flex makes these boots versatile for all kinds of riding, whether you’re cruising groomers or hitting the park.

Thirty-Two TM-2 Double BOA wide snowboard boots

For riders who want the convenience of double BOA lacing, but need a wide boot, the Thirty-Two TM-2 Double BOA Snowboard Boots are an excellent choice. The dual zone BOA closure system allows you to customize the fit of your boots in seconds. The medium flex makes these boots versatile for all kinds of riding.

FAQs on best snowboard boots for wide feet

How do I know if I need wide snowboard boots?

If you have large feet, or feet that are wider than average, you might need wide snowboard boots. Another way to tell is if your current pair of width boots feel too tight or uncomfortable. If this is the case, it’s time for a upgrade!

Wide snowboard boots offer more room in the toe box and other areas, allowing your feet to stay comfortable and supported.

When shopping for wide snowboard boots, it’s important to make sure the boot fits properly – a too-tight fit can be just as uncomfortable as a too-loose fit. Also look for features like dual zone BOA closure systems, which allow you to customize the lacing.

How wide should feet be on snowboard?

The width of your feet on a snowboard will depend on the size of your boot and how much room you need.

Generally, most medium-width boots offer enough room for the average-sized foot, while wider boots are usually recommended for riders with bigger feet or those who want extra room in their toe box area.

How do I know what size snowboard boots to buy and how should feet fit in boots?

Snowboard boots should fit tight. Your toes should touch the end of the boot when standing, but not be squished against it while doing so.

The sides of your feet should not be pinching against the sides and all buckles should be secured without being too tight. It’s important to try on boots before buying them as sizes.

How much wider are the Burton wide boots?

Burton’s wide boots range from 1/4 to 1 full size larger than the standard sizes. As such, a size 9 boot may fit like a 9 1/4 in their wide version. It is important to try on the boots before buying them to ensure that they fit correctly.

Also, keep in mind that some models of Burton snowboard boots may fit differently than others.

So it is best to get to know your true size and try on both standard and wide sizes of the same model if available.

If you place an online order, you can always return it for another size in person or through the mail which is insanely easy now adays. This will help you determine which size is the most comfortable for your feet.

Another important factor when choosing snowboard boots is arch support. Burton wide boots offer extra arch support to provide stability and cushioning while riding.


When you have wide feet, finding the right snowboard boots is essential for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. If you’re a first time traveler on the slopes, make sure to check out travel tips to prepare.

With our selection of the best snowboard boots for wide feet, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your next pair of snowboard boots.

Remember to prioritize your comfort and support while also taking into account your riding style and ability level. Happy shredding!

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