First Time Traveler: 13 Ultimate tips for Smooth Traveling

As a first time traveler, you should be insanely proud and excited you are going to travel! Traveling is one of the most rewarding ways to gain new experiences and step outside of your comfort zone.

However, it can also be the most stressful experience if something unexpected happens. Seasoned travelers know a few hiccups are unavoidable, but that there are ways to deal with them as they come.

If you’re a young or inexperienced traveler, here are the best tips to help you prepare for the upcoming adventure.

First time traveler : Pack Essentials & prevent homesickness

first time traveler

Pay close attention since preparation is the key to separating the positive experience of a lifetime from the negative.  

Aside from the basic toiletries, the essentials you bring along are dependent on where you’re heading. If you’re headed to the mountains, leave the sundresses at home and opt for clothing you can layer.

Once you have the necessities packed, remember to bring a few comforts of home, too.

Keep homesickness at bay

While traveling is all about seeing, hearing, tasting, and touching something new, you should also pack items that will help you feel comfortable and at home.

Whether it’s a favorite sweater, a journal, or face wash, make room in your suitcase for it.

If you have a favorite TV show that you usually watch in bed, see if it’s available on a portable streaming device. These are easy to pack and will keep you connected to the shows back home, no matter where you’re going.

Some options allow you to use your phone as a remote. Make sure you spend some time investigating devices so you can find the one you need at the right price.

The hotel room you stay in on vacation can be transformed by the presence of your favorite TV show.

Little reminders and comforts of home can keep homesickness at bay so you can focus on your destination. When you head back to the hotel after a long day, you’ll truly relax.

Lastly, make sure that you have a portable charger to keep your phone powered up while you’re on your travels. You’ll likely be using it to help you navigate new places, so the last thing you want is for it to go dead.

A charger for the car or a portable power bank (or both) will ensure your device’s battery always has plenty of juice.

Breathe Easy with an Itinerary

Spontaneity is great for some aspects of your trip. It’s not ideal when it comes to finding a place to lie down at night though. Take care of your lodging ahead of time. Many suggest to create an itinerary to carry along with you throughout your trip.

This way, all the details you need are handy, even if a phone battery dies at some point during your adventure.

Once you’ve put together a plan for where you’re staying and traveling, hand off a copy to someone that’s staying back home.

In the event of an emergency, this person will know where to find you each day. You’ll also have a set of goals to reach or at least choose from as you go.

The last thing you want after a week-long vacation is to feel like you wasted time. Making an itinerary gives you a game plan for the trip that you can either stick to or stray from as you like.

First time traveler : Take Care of the Technical Stuff

first time traveler

While you’re gone on vacation and checked out of your daily routine, the rest of the world continues moving. Work continues and bills have to be paid. There are certain tasks you need to take care of long before you leave.

  • Plan for your absence at work. By planning now, it’ll be easier to leave work concerns behind so you can truly enjoy your vacation.
  • Don’t wait until the day before you leave to find or renew your passport. As soon as you book your flight or hotels, find it and start the process of renewing it.
  • Shop around for travel insurance. Coverage can help in the event of lost baggage, missed flights, cancellations, and medical emergencies.
  • Make an appointment to get any and all required shots for your trip.
  • Let your credit card company know about your upcoming vacation. This way, your account won’t get flagged for suspicious activity.
  • Prep your home by decluttering and having it look as inviting for your stress-free homecoming. 

Start your trip off right by planning it out from the very beginning. You can’t anticipate what will happen during your trip. However, you can equip yourself for almost anything with a bit of forethought. Make your upcoming trip memorable for the right reasons.

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