May’s Feature of the Month: Johhny G

It’s that time of the month which calls for a brand new feature on the b-l-o-g!

Today we’re talking all things Johhny G aka Johhny Gezus. It’s a big probability you have heard one of his tracks or have even participated in one of his dance challenges if you are active on the internet.

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Without further ado, let’s learn more about Johhny G.

Who is Johhny G?

Johhny G serving looks

Meet Johhny G – A South Florida native, turned Los Angeles local.

He’s a 25-year-old musician that strives off of his passion for both creating and producing music.

He’s a unique artist. One that doesn’t believe in labels and boxing himself into a certain category or genre.

You can definitely say that’s one thing that puts Johhny above the rest, his ear for sound, and being able to experiment with it at all costs.

Instead of trying to box himself into a certain category or follow a trend, Johhny follows his diverse musical interest and leaves it up to the sound to continue creating music.

He tries an array of things and focuses on the quality of sound, regardless of what label it suits.

Being musically oriented for years, it all started in South Florida. When Johhny was in high school, he started diving deep into the music-making process.

Now, through a flow of multiple inspirations, Johhny is someone who should be on your music radar, if he’s not already.

Going viral on Tiktok and being featured with Lizzo through Harpers Bazaar IG stories are just some of the latest things he’s been up too.

Brace yourself, because more music and fun from Johhny is certainly on its way.

Heavily into TikTok? It’s possible you’ve heard one of his viral tunes or even have participated in one of his ongoing dancing challenges. 

The interview

Q – Where did you grow up and when did you move to Los Angeles?

A – I’m from South Florida and I moved in January of 2020. In LA there is a better professional setting for what I’m trying to achieve.

Q – How are you liking LA?

A – I like LA, you never know who’s who, there’s a lot of talent, and it’s a well-connected place.

You never know who can change your life. Just by going the extra mile and saying hi to someone could potentially change your life. You never know who’s who!

Q – Walk me through how you ended up being a music producer?

A – To be honest, I didn’t want to be a producer. Originally, I wanted to be a music artist, but I didn’t have beats.

Me making and producing beats came out of me wanting to make music.

Q – What is next? Do you see yourself staying in the producer music space or do you want to make beats?

A In general, I’m a music artist. I make both beats and music so I’d like to continue that. Think like Travis Scott.

Q – What type of music do you make when you’re on the opposite side?

A – To be honest, I don’t like to box myself into a specific space, or in a specific genre.

If you’ve listened to my music, you see I’ve made hip-hop to alternative music. I want to keep creating all different types of music.

More about Johhny G

Q – Who’s your biggest music inspiration along with your favorite artists?

A – I can’t give it to one person. I’m a melting pot with the inspiration.

To name a few there is The weekend, Travis Scott, and Wiz Khalifa. For Wiz Khalifa, I always listen to his beats and take some samples.

Kanye and Drake too. For Drake and The Weekend, they make it interesting to put your emotions into the music. House of balloons is another inspiration too. 

Q Have you written any music for somebody else?

A I don’t really write music, most of the stuff I come up with is off the top of my head like freestyle.

I have helped other people with some hooks. Whenever I make a song, I try to imagine a scene whether its a music video or a movie scene.

Q – What is life like for you outside of music? Do you have a 9-5?

A – I did have a job before COVID-19. I’ve been in between music and a job for the past 6 years.

My motto is to follow your dreams and make money while you can. I’m 99% into my music and I have left my job to go to the studio for example. Music is where my heart is.

What’s next for Johhny G?

Johhny G has over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

QThese are crazy times, unpredictability, very unknown – what are your plans for once things go back to normal?

A – I’m trying to solidify something that is only on music. I don’t want to think too far ahead and be present. I want to do what I can do now and focus on that. 

Q – How old are you and what’s your horoscope sign? 

A – I’m 25 and a Capricorn. 

Q – Do you feel like you carry a lot of the typical astrology characteristics of a Capricorn?

A – I feel like I’m 50/50, my moon is a Pisces and I feel like I carry a lot of those traits too that help me balance out emotions and thinking.

Of course, everyone has their days when you’re too emotional or too logical, but I feel like I’m balanced for the most part. 

Q – Do you have any tracks that are very symbolic? 

A – I feel like 99.9% of my songs are symbolic. If you look into any of my songs, in a sense you can see it’s a story.

I try to keep my music as real and as authentic as possible. I’m usually talking about something I want in my life or I don’t want to happen.

My music is a story. You can really tell what I was going through by listening. My main thing is hooks – hooks are my thing.

I definitely have emotion into my music, right from the start I’ve been putting emotion into my music and that goes back to my inspirations with Drake and the Weekend.

When I started, I didn’t care about opinions, I just wanted to create and grow. 

Q – Do you have any other talents that you do in your free time?

A – I like basketball. Yesterday I played Xbox for the first time in months. 

Music influences

Johhny G posing

Q – Who has been your biggest influence on making music?

A – I had a friend from high school, named Beam, he was making beats, specifically Christian music.

He got a Grammy for that. One day he came over my house and set me up with drum kits and just sounds and stuff like that.

I’m grateful for that, it helped me pause myself and acknowledge a lot. It made my beats a little bit better, I didn’t know how much of a difference a drum kit can do.

It taught me the level of where someone I know is, where they are going, and what is possible. 

The final details

Q – What did it feel like once you went viral on TikTok? Walk me through that experience?

A – King Vader heard it and then was like send it to me, the track, and then he didn’t follow up, so yeah at first nothing came up about that.

Months later, we moved to LA, King Vader’s friend came over and then we touched base with King Vader again.

We sent it to him again and then fast forward to after that, my friend and I went to a TikTok convention center and I ran into King Vader again.

This time, I airdropped him the beat right then and there, he dropped it on TikTok, and then it went viral. 

People were getting tagged in it like crazy, the challenge had 7.000 videos in 1 week, One big TikToker must’ve found it and kept the trend going. 

Q – What is your proudest moment by making music so far?

A – When I first dropped the song Over it. It went through some ups and downs, you know.

I got a lot of negative comments of people saying it sucked but at this point, I’m glad I stopped listening to outside opinions and kept moving forward.

You just have to believe in yourself, you know. It’s hard when you’re first starting out and get so many comments but I’m glad I stayed true to myself in the long run.

Get involved and stay updated with Johhny G

Whether you’re an avid music lover, big TikTok user, or just want to have fun listening to music, Johhny G has something for you.

Find him on Tiktok to stay updated with his challenges and Instagram to stay informed on his latest releases.

Listen and stream music by Johhny G

Tracks to start streaming on Soundcloud

1. Over it

2. Do Better

3. Somebody

4. Faked it

5. Know you

6. No one around

7. Only fans

8. Feel you

9. Magic

10. Toosie Slide

Head over to his Soundcloud to listen to even more tracks.

Start streaming Johhny G on Spotify.


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