June marieezy aka Sun Drop Garden biography: who she is, music style, and why you’ll fall in love with her music

june marieezy talking during an interview

Today I am introducing you to musician June Marieezy. 

A talented musician, humble, and wellness advocate, do we need to say more? 

Nonetheless, it is a musician that needs to be introduced to this community. Today you guys will have all the information you need to know on:

  • who June is
  • her projects
  • the meanings of them
  • where you can find her
  • and all the valuable details on what differentiates her from everyone else. 

There’s something about June’s music that really appeals to you the first time you listen. Perhaps the word i’m looking for is her energy.

The fresh sounds instantly grab you while her mysterious personality keeps you curious. 

Her sound is different to say the least but innovative and soulful might describe it best. 

Once you find June’s music, you’ll see there is a lot to learn outside of the music realm. She is someone who is really in touch with herself but is also incredibly private. 

Keep reading to learn more about June.

Who is June Marieezy

june talking about the living library

June Marieezy is of Filipino background and was born in Dallas, Texas. She is Filipino-American. Her stage name since 2015 is Sun Drop Garden.

Her dad was essentially one of the biggest musical influences in her life as he was a sound engineer/musician. 

As this has impacted her to find her own passion in music, she has previously stated that some of her fathers favorites were Eagles, Michael Jackson, and The Bee Gees. 

Growing up in this musical environment, June would tag along with her dad to utilize their music equipment in the garage.

June also enjoyed the radio but by the time she was 14, it started to become stale and uninteresting. 

Fast forward to when she was 15, June wasn’t like most teenagers. She did something unexpected, and left for the Philippines.

Originally, the plan was to stay for a year, but after finding music production and a music scene, one year turned into 7. 

With that being said, music isn’t June’s only talent nor interests.

Expressed before, some of June’s deep interests involve: making her own clothes, growing her own food, and finding out what leaves and trees can be useful for her projects. 

She is not only an awesome artist, but really someone who can open your mind to different things such as self care and health. 

June embraces the Philippines

Moving abroad anywhere can call for culture differences and June has talked about some of them. 

Rushing, getting good grades, feeling enclosed, were the types of feelings June Marieezy had about Dallas.

Once she moved, she was able to see a different lifestyle and fully immersed herself in it.

Slowing down, appreciating nature, and getting in touch with her spiritual side were some of the things she learned after moving. Her lifestyle is simple but meaningful. 

Finding a happier lifestyle

June seems to have had the typical American childhood where good grades mattered. If she didn’t get A’s, her parents would ground her. 

As a result of leaving Dallas and straying farther away from the 9-5 and a corporate job, June found a new home and way of life in the Philippines.

This helped her to continue exploring the music scene and settling her adult life there. 

One of the amazing things June has done along this journey is hiked up a mountain for 12 hours to meet the Kalinga tribe.

These are the type of spiritual encounters she had that made her fall in love with the Philippines even more and explore this side of herself.

Things she learned to appreciate more within this transition is minimalism, leading a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle, not rushing, and overall having less stress.

As moving is a transition for anyone, she mentioned that there were ups and downs when moving but that the struggles were worth it.

She was going on field trips to islands compared to factories and museums in Dallas.

Different to say the least but the move essentially impacted her to become the person she is now.

She is still residing in the Philippines today though she travels to perform and to the United States to visit her family when applicable. 

You can see this video of her here where she’s solar powering her own energy to perform in what appears to be a forest.

SO wicked! Talk about being resourceful. 

The Living Library by June Marieezy

As someone who loves the planet, June created a very special project for her community, The Living Library. It is a educational zero waste grocer.

The space is designed for wellness advocates who want to get quality food and sustainable household items, inform themselves on the items, and how to heal themselves naturally. 

Within the space, she has medicinal plants, barks, leaves, roots, seeds, and food that heals available for purchase.

It is all locally sourced with efforts to help her community rather than having something that is produced at scale.

In addition to that, other things that are available are gardening, home cleaning, zero waste solutions, and personal care items.

The concept is super dope, would definitely go if you are in the Philippines. You can have a membership, purchase a la carte, or even humbly donate to the space.

10% of proceeds go back into the community for sustainable projects. 

The living library sees the earth as information and the clientele as people who are willing to educate themselves about ways to heal themselves naturally.

It is more than a store, it is a wellness space that has a whole culture around it. 

June and humility go hand in hand

If there’s anything to note about June Marieezy is that she is super humble. She is not the style to be in your face or all look at me, look at me. 

That is an incredibly different approach to what the majority of artists take today. In today’s time, people are always aggressively looking for any outlet to promote themselves. She’s very lowkey. 

I think that’s one of things I and her fans appreciate the most about her, humility.

It’s really charming and instead of trying so hard, it seems like she just shares the things that are most important to her. As a result some of the things she does helps others and is not for her own benefit.

With where she is at now she can pretty much do whatever she wants and instead of it being in your face, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

It’s remarkable what she is doing. Very different and very unique. 

June Marieezy and FKJ

So if all of the above doesn’t sound amazing, guess what? June Marieezy is actually married to FKJ. FKJ is better known as French Kiwi Juice.

Another artist that is respectably high on my list. 

The way I found June was through being curious to who the vocals were on a few FKJ’s tracks. When you are discovering new music, you really never know what awesome things you will find.

The two artists make a good amount of music together and they are a really hot dynamic duo that fans love. 

Upon watching them perform or even listening to a track, you can see that their musical projects come with a relaxed vibe.

FKJ himself has mentioned they have a “go with the flow” vibe in the studio.

In fact you can see them completely improvising this performance in the studio.

Super cool.  

June’s Wedding

They tied the knot after 4 years of being together. You can check out the part of the video ceremony below. 

Seems like a power couple if you ask me, and just a heads up, you might get emotional (almost teared watching it).

The ceremony really gives you all the feels, there’s just so much love, music, and vibes, going around, it’s absolutely adorable. 


The meaning behind Sundrop Garden (((O)))

the sundrop garden symbol by june marieezy

There is no denying that June Marieezy is in touch with her spiritual side and her name, The Sundrop Garden was selected for a special reason. Since 2015 she has been performing under SG.

June didn’t resonate with any word, and wanted to use the sundrop symbol to represent whatever she creates.

It is a framework of whatever she creates and sees it as an evolution as she is transforming within, while she transforms what she creates. 

She mentions in the documentary that moving to the Philippines helped her get in touch with her roots and fall more in love with music.

Expressing herself and her dna. Be who you are and stop being fed how people want you to be. Deeeeeep!


Good Morning High Fives

good morning high five members performing

June is no stranger to music, and it’s important to mention her former band that she was a part of after she moved to the Philippines.

In 2008, the Good Morning High Fives was formed in Manila, Philippines. 

The original intention of the band was to perform one time for a battle of the bands competition.

However, things changed after the competition ended and they still wanted to make music together. 

After the competition, the band went on to tour in Singapore, Cebu, Bicol, and countless number of local music gigs. 

The band members were June Marieezy for the vocals, Luis Gutierrez on the drums, and Joseph Wu on the guitars and at times back up vocals. 

It is not clear when the band stopped making music together, or if they even properly had a “breakup” but if you are curious to what type of music they were making, then press that play for the video below. 

June Marieezy instagram and where to find her music

I’m sure by now you’re probably curious on where to find her so you can find her on the sundrop website, Instagram, or Facebook

Outside of social media, you can find all of her music on awal. It gives you all of the music streaming platforms you can listen to within one place. Pretty cool! 

Don’t forget to support your favorite artists by streaming and donating to music when you can through platforms like bandcamp.

The making of Fly 

It’s time to talk about the creation of the infamous track “Fly.”

Prior to making the song, June had met another musician by the name of Justin Guzman.

Justin was originally part of another musical project “Deeper Manila” but had his own music label. In the end, Justin had produced 5 entire tracks for June. 

As someone who has worked with June a good amount, they formed a relationship through working together and creating music.

The process to this was quite simple, June initially sang over the track and they both liked the way it came out.

Justin then took the vocals off to complete finishing the song and then June added her part into the song.

Interestingly enough, the song is even more special because of where the music video was shot.

The anonymous place was introduced to June through a friend who had a beach residence there. 

The first time June had arrived at this place, she mentioned that she had an emotional experience.

Revisiting those memories with the same people and returning to make the video was very special for her. 

June Marieezy Virgo

june marieezy virgo album cover

Virgo was one of June’s EP/mini albums in 2014. The album was formed when June had returned to the United States after not being in Dallas for 5 years.

She was able to see family as the majority of them don’t reside in the Philippines. 

While being in Dallas during this visit, June expressed feeling restricted within her surroundings compared to being laidback on the beach.

It was a different feeling for her leaving the Philippines and being away from her different lifestyle abroad.

Virgo essentially was about feeling and missing the Philippines and feeling limited with her options of new places.

Dallas is different in the sense that it’s small and limited in regards to exploring something new.

June doesn’t resonate with this ongoing similarity and prefers different energy and nature.

Sharing more

When I first found June’s music, it was really hard to find out any information about her.

I mean I digged and digged and digged, and was so intrigued that there wasn’t much.

I knew I had to create an article for my readers to not only introduce them to her music, but to educate them on who she is.

Along the way I am happy to announce she ironically dropped a few documentaries that I have linked in this post.

It seems like she can be sharing a bit more information on who she is and personal interests. Hopefully that is the direction, we would all love to learn more.


And that is a wrap on June Marieezy. Hope that today you were able to see what an amazing artist she is and why she is such a well rounded person in and outside of music.

Someone who not only strives to entertain with her music, but puts in massive efforts to help the planets and community where she can. 

June Marieezy Sun Drop Garden playlist

My friends, I can’t part ways with out putting you guys on to her music, so below you can click and start listening to Ms. Marieezy directly on Spotify. I hope you enjoy !

What’s next for June Marieezy?

I’m sure she wants to keep being her awesome self, but outside of that surely, making music and focusing on The Living Grocery is what she’ll be up to. 

When you go on her sundrop website you’ll see the clock that has a specific clock down. Pretty sure that is symbolic to when another music release is out.

Her clock is at 189 days 5 hours, 35 minutes, and 16 seconds as we type. In other words, that means in a bit more than 6 months, we can possibly be expecting new music from Ms. Marieezy. 

Stay posted on her youtube channel and instagram for the latest drops and releases. You don’t want to miss out on the new, new! 

And if there is anything that I truly want you to take from this article, is that look at the example June has tried to give all of us, live the life you truly want to live, because it is out there.

People probably think that humble musicians aren’t a thing, but it’s out there, June is proof they exist.

Now tell me, what is your favorite June Marieezy song or what are you looking forward to listening to next? If you’re looking for more artists to discover check out Marcu Rares next.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been a fan for 2 years now and I struggle to find information about her to. I lover her so much, her music really helps me. Thanks for sharing the music too!!

  2. With her latest album drop, you can really hear her settling into herself. I really like how creative and authentic it is compared to some earlier projects.

    It’s interesting to see what motherhood and settling down does. Love the article!

    1. I couldnt agree more! Her music has definitely changed alot through out the years, I think its so cute when her & fkj collab too hehe .. thanks so much for reading!

  3. I got hip to her through the red bull series .
    June Mareesy -Masego – FKJ.
    Something about there music caught me.
    Pretty much there take on jazz.
    And she reminds me of Eryka Badoo in here early stuff. Love there style. Breath of fresh air.
    My two cents……

    1. Thanks for your comment Clay. I couldn’t agreee more, I’ve always thought June reminded me of Badu with her voice and style. Looking forward to more music from her.

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