Lakes in Spain : 6 beautiful lakes you absolutely need to visit

If you’re looking for something truly special – something that can give you the unforgettable experience of stunning natural beauty – then you must visit the beautiful lakes in Spain! Explore our list of 10 breathtaking Spanish lakes that are definitely worth adding to your travel itinerary this summer.

From hidden gems tucked away in incredible mountain ranges, to gorgeous urban oases surrounded by amazing architecture, these idyllic spots will be sure to captivate both experienced adventurers and casual travelers alike with their unique charms!

Lago de Sanabria – Zamora

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If you’re looking for a serene spot in Spain to enjoy beauty, peace and tranquility, then Lago de Sanabria in Zamora is the place for you. It is one of the largest natural lakes in the Iberian Peninsula and an incredibly picturesque area surrounded by spectacular mountains.

The lake features an amazing variety of wildlife making it a great spot for bird watching. Don’t forget to explore the nearby caves which are said to contain fossils that date back to prehistoric epochs!

If you’re feeling adventurous, more challenging hikes can be found further away from the lake but don’t miss the chance to sip on some of Zamora’s iconic local wines while admiring the breathtaking views here! Easily make this lake in Spain a Madrid day trip!

Lago de Enol – Asturias

Nestled in the heart of northern Spain is the calm and tranquil Lago de Enol. Located in the small province of Asturias, this picturesque lake has a strikingly unique landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. Its clear, still waters are surrounded by rolling green hills, perfect for an afternoon walk or a leisurely picnic.

Visitors can also explore its nearby forests filled with lush foliage and local wildlife, giving adventurers an insight into nature’s beauty.

With its captivating view and calming atmosphere, there is no wonder why Lago de Enol has been drawing people from far and wide for centuries. They come to experience true tranquility, unparalleled beauty and to find a peace all their own.

La Laguna Negra – León lakes in Spain

La Laguna Negra, located in León Spain, is a stunning national park situated in a rugged mountain landscape. The area features crystal-clear lakes that shimmer and shine like silver in the sunlight.

It has a unique flora and fauna that includes wild herbs and native species of birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. Its nature trails are perfect for those seeking adventure as they can explore the secrets of this wild wonderland with its spectacular views.

Visitors can also enjoy bird watching or just lounging around the lake to relax under its spellbinding panoramic views and tranquil atmosphere.

All this make La Laguna Negra a must-visit destination – an idyllic spot for discovering the beauty of Spanish wilderness.

Embalse de Yesa – Navarra lakes in Spain

The Embalse de Yesa in Navarra, Spain is a stunning site to behold. Bordered by rugged terrain and high crags, the reservoir is a beautiful haven for nature lovers.

While the majority of activities can be done from the water side, there are nearby trails, allowing visitors to explore the stunning vegetation that blooms around the lake.

From swimming to boat rides and bird watching, walkers and sunbathers alike can enjoy all that this marvelous place has to offer.

Lago de Banyoles – Girona

Lago de Banyoles in Girona, Spain, is like a hidden gem. Although it’s situated in the middle of a bustling city, the area around the lake exudes a peaceful and tranquil vibe. The stunning waters are surrounded by hills on three sides, adding to its natural beauty.

It consists of two separate lakes – Estany Major (the larger of the two) and Estany Menor.

Visitors can wander along the winding paths surrounding both lakes or take a boat ride through them to explore every corner of this beautiful destination.

With ducks/swans dotting the clear blue-green waters, and plenty of open spaces to enjoy nature, spending time at Lago de Banyoles is sure to provide visitors with a serene escape.

Embalse de Ullibarri-Gamboa – Álava lakes in Spain

Travelers to the area of Álava, Spain should make sure to add the Embalse de Ullibarri-Gamboa to their itinerary. This artificial lake was formed by the Aragón River in 1956 and has since become a jewel of nature in the region.

Visitors can take part in a number of different activities, including waterskiing, fishing, birdwatching, and simply relaxing on its shores.

From the various hilltops and viewing points around the lake, visitors can admire stunning views of both the Pyrenees mountain range and agricultural plains filled with vineyards and traditional Baserri farms showcasing Basque culture for generations.

The Embalse de Ullibarri-Gamboa is ideal for an afternoon of relaxation and appreciation of nature that won’t soon be forgotten!


As you can see, there is no shortage of naturally spectacular lakes to visit in Spain. From Lago de Sanabria in Zamora to the Embalse de Ullibarri-Gamboa lakeside in Álava, the serene bliss of these unique landscapes has something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it’s fishing, kayaking or simply taking a long stroll while admiring the scenery, visitors are truly spoiled for choice.

You could spend a lifetime visiting them all and still not see everything each lake has on offer. Now that you’ve read about the top 6 lakes in Spain, what lake would you visit first? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in our comments section below. Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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