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Lavender Fields in Brihuega, Spain: Your ultimate travel guide to catching these flowers

Part of beautiful lavender fields in Brihuega

Lavender fields in Brihuega, Spain! Crazy right? Turns out you don’t have to go all the way to France to check lavender fields out.

There are plenty of reasons why people love lavender. It smells amazing and has calming properties, but it also has a beautiful bright purple hue too.

Who doesn’t want to go to a lavender field? 🙂 Today we’re going to be talking all about Brihuega’s Lavender fields.

We all love a good find and the regions surrounding Madrid have no shortage of that.

During this time when everybody is scared of going anywhere far, now’s the time to get creative in whatever country you are in.

With staying local more than usual, creativity and research are what are leading me to new places. Viva, Google!

There’s plenty to see, everywhere. Get ready for 2021 and start planning your trip to the lavender fields in Brihuega next summer.

Tip: if you are planning a trip to Guadalajara, make sure to make a stop in Madrid, the Spanish capital. It’s insanely beautiful and you have to check out the parks in Madrid.

It’s a must if you’ll already be in the area. Find my other local Madrid blog posts here:

Here are 5 things everyone who’s interested in going to the “Campos De Lavenda” should know.

The lavender fields in Brihuega are the most popular

Brihuega is a pueblo in Guadalajara, Spain. Guadalajara is in the Castilla de La Mancha region.

It is the perfect day trip from Madrid with only an hour’s drive. The easiest way to travel here is by car, however, there are plenty of tours that arrange visits during blossom.

No car? No problem! One that I can recall is Smart Insiders with a cost of 20ish euros. The Brihuega tourism board organizes tours for 4 euros but was canceled this year due to COVID.

Originally, during the 2nd half of the month of July, a Lavender Festival in Brihuega occurs.

Due to the coronavirus situation, they canceled that too (what else is new right! haha) but hopefully, things will be better next year, it looks interesting.

You are supposed to dress in white for the festival. Looks like that is a general rule of thumb because I saw a ton of people wearing white when visiting.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lavender festival in Brihuega, feel free to go to the Festival De La Lavanda website for future dates and more information.

Previous acts to the Festival De La Lavanda include Café Quijano, Estrella Morente, Pitingo, etc.

Are there lavender fields in Spain?

Sunsets at lavender fields Brihuega Spain

Yes! There is actually more than one lavender field. Upon arriving at the lavender fields in Brihuega you will see along the way there are plenty more fields before and after.

The fields run through different areas that are named Almadrones, Cogollor, and the most popular, Brihuega.

To be exact amongst these 3 areas, there are about 4,942 acres of lavender fields.

Guadalajara is home to 10% of the world’s lavender crop. That’s a lot of lavender! Provence, China, and Bulgaria produce even more.

Once you are in the area where it is all lavender fields, the choice is yours of when you want to stop, pull over, and go for a walk.

Here’s one of the addresses to the lavender field: CM-2005, 19400 Brihuega, Guadalajara. However, there are plenty more coordinates to choose from on the Tourism Brihuega website.

There are dirt roads where you can park where ever it makes sense. Just don’t block anyone from coming in or out, including your own car.

The Brihuega tourism website mentions an entrance of 3 euros but where we pulled over there was no entrance fee, just people walking through the lavender fields.

I’d supposed different fields have different rules, just in case bring a few cash euros to be safe. (don’t think they would have a credit card machine for admission fees)

Not interested in lavender fields in Brihuega Spain? Keep reading to learn about other places to visit lavender fields in Spain!

Where can you see lavender in Spain?

Here are the official places where you can see lavender in Spain:

Brihuega, Guadalajara

Brihuega is hands down the most famous area in Spain for the lavender fields. We can thank this recognition due to the lavender festival the town has thrown. As mentioned earlier, you can drive a bit before Brihuega and are almost guaranteed to see fields all along the way.

Ossa de Montiel, Albacete

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful lavender fields in the world. The lavender fields of Ossa de Montiel, Albacete are a must-see for any visitor to the country. Surrounded by mountains, the lavender fields stretch for acres, providing a stunning sea of purple.

The lavender is in bloom from June to August, and the fragrance is amazing.

Visitors can stroll through the fields, take pictures, and even pick their own lavender bouquets. There are also several lavender farms in the area where you can buy lavender products such as soaps, oils, and sachets.

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, a visit to the lavender fields of Spain in Albacete is a must.

Moratalla, Murcia

Moratalla is a municipality in the province of Murcia, southeastern Spain. The town is located in the northwest of the region, at the feet of the Sierra Espuna. Moratalla is known for its lavender fields, which attract visitors from all over Europe.

The lavender season begins in mid-June and lasts until early August. During this time, the fields are a beautiful purple hue, and the fragrance of lavender permeates the air. Visitors can stroll through the lavender fields, take in the stunning views, and purchase lavender products from local vendors.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or a photo op, Moratalla is worth a visit.

El Bierzo, Castille and Leon

El Bierzo is a region located in the northwest of Spain, in the province of Castile and León. It’s one of Spain’s most beautiful regions.. It is best known for its lavender fields, which produce some of the finest lavender oil in the world.

The lavender season typically runs from June to August, and during this time the fields are a beautiful sight to behold. If you’re planning a trip to Spain, be sure to include El Bierzo on your lavender travel itinerary!

When is the best month to visit the lavender farm?

The time to see lavender fields are the month of July

Like anything that grows, the lavender fields in Brihuega have a season. The best time to see them is the month of July. I went on 7/11 and they were in full bloom.

You can attempt to see them during the beginning of August but it is risky, it might be harvested already.

My assumption is that the harvesting changes year after year so no exact date when the lavender isn’t there but here’s a great tip:

When I researched through some forums regarding harvests to share exact dates, here’s what I found dated 7/31/2020

“Brihuega Tourism Office has mentioned the flower reached its peak a few days ago and is gradually losing its hue. The harvest has also started and there are some plots that are already mowed. This work lasts between 10-15 days, so if you wish to visit them, it is recommended that you visit the fields that are located in Villaviciosa de Tajuña, about 4-5 km from Brihuega, they are in good condition at the moment and usually be the last fields to be harvested. The visit is recommended for these next few days.”

Tripadvisor forum

That’s a good rule of thumb, the earlier in the month the better but always check with local authorities just in case! (Nothings worst then going somewhere with the wrong expectations.)

Lavender fields in Brihuega: Time is important

All purple at lavender fields Brihuega Spain

Flowers, blooming, and plants all bring insects. You might see bees around the fields if you go early in the day.

That’s something I kept reading in forums. I’d recommend going later (towards evening) so there are not so many.

We went around sunset (9 pm) and it was perfect. If you are looking for the perfect picture with the lavender fields in Brihuega, go around 7-8 am or 9-10 pm, AKA sunrise, or sunset.

Important! Make sure you are respecting the beautiful lavender. There are signs all over the fields that say it’s private property, you’re not supposed to be walking and stepping all over it so please be mindful of your tracks!

Sunflowers are right next door

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of lavender and flowers, you get sunflowers!

That’s right, right next to lavender fields are sunflower fields. Sunflowers are currently still in bloom at the moment but I’m sure things change every year.

Again, to make sure you have the right expectations, contact the Brihuega tourism office for more information:

  • Brihuega tourist office phone  (949 280 442/949 340 030) // email – Tourism Website
  • Tourism hours: Open on Tuesday – Thursday, from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m, Fridays & Saturdays, from 10 a.m. – 2:30 pm & from 4 pm- 7.30 pm, Sundays, from 10 am- 2 pm.

You can also see sunflowers in La Bureba (a different region in Spain) that’s in Castilla y Leon in Burgos during spring. All you have to do is search and you shall find a whole lot of flowers.

Are you looking for even more flower blooms in Spain? Got you covered! Here are 15 spectacular landscapes that bloom during Spring/summer in Spain.

Happy Blooming xoxo,


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