livestream in quarantine

Music and more to live stream in quarantine

live stream in quarantine

What a unique and innovative time to be a music fan and internet advocate. Right now while the world is on pause, the internet is luckily alive and well.

There will always be music, and right now there is a lot of music to live stream in quarantine! Venues across the world have been shut down along with tours being put to a complete halt.

All due to COVID-19, yet that doesn’t mean the virtual party is stopping anytime soon.

Live music is 100% not dead, and given the current situation, music to live stream in quarantine is here to stay.

If there is anything we all need to realize and appreciate right now, it is the power of music and the internet that keeps us all connected.

Shout out to all different types of music that help us get through the hard times together. #Fortheloveofmusic y’all!

Music to live stream in quarantine is here to stay

Music isn’t the only thing we will live stream in quarantine. This blog post also includes theater/tv options, animals, and even bringing the outdoors to you.

If you are not looking for music to live stream in quarantine and just want music recommendations, check out my latest blog posts that are jampacked:

With platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Live X Live, and many more, there is plenty of music to live stream in quarantine.

Can’t go to the concert? The venue is shut down? Favorite festival/tour is on pause?

Bring the music to you, in the comfort of your own home … in your sweatpants, or in your underwear.

Hey, no judgment here. Stay comfortable, I mean even John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were in robes and towels.

Don’t believe? Just watch his live stream in quarantine here: John Legend #Togetherathome concert series.

Music Live Stream Platforms

Live stream in quarantine

Live streaming music is the future. If there’s anything this pandemic has shown us, it is that the internet is stronger than ever and virtual platforms are booming like crazy.

Outside of the social media platforms listed above, there’s more juice to squeeze when it comes to streaming.

Regardless of when things go back to normal, these platforms will continue to have a strong impact.

For now, head over to these live stream platforms to dance it out, hash it out, have a laugh, or whatever you fancy.

Live X Live

An app and website that helps you stay updated on music through streaming music events and catching up with artists on videos.

What’s cool about Live X Live is that they have multiple different membership plans, so you have options.

You have the free plan that gives you:

  • Concert & Festival Livestreams
  • Handcrafted Audio Stations
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Original Shows & Podcasts

The next tier, labeled “plus” which costs $3.99/month gives you:

  • Concert & Festival Livestreams
  • Handcrafted Audio Stations
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Original Shows & Podcasts
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Maximum Audio Quality

And lastly, the premium plan that is $9.99/month and offers:

  • Concert & Festival Livestreams
  • Handcrafted Audio Stations
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Original Shows & Podcasts
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Maximum Audio Quality
  • Listen offline
  • Play on-demand

Something for everyone on the platform. They cover content on SO many different music genres.

Check out their video section that has original shows, on-demand videos, and channels.

It’s super fun, free if you want it to be. If you ask me, it’s the perfect place to get lost while you live stream in quarantine.

For any of my commercial music-loving fans, you can check out their latest PR piece with PR News Wire that talks about a festival Live X Live will be covering:

LiveXLive Partners With Altisimo Live! To Live Stream The Star-Studded Music And Pop Cultural Festival Featuring Mana, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Sofia Vergara, Juanes, Edward James Olmos, Steve Aoki And More.


Ever heard of Vimeo? The popular video platform? Recently, live stream merged with Vimeo.

Live stream helps people and organizations thrive and execute their missions through live video.

Right now, live video and live stream in quarantine are very popular topics, no brainer there’s tons of content on their website to check out.

They don’t only have music on their website, in case you are interested in other topics.

You can start with their music section to start your live stream in quarantine, once you’re there, check out what else interests you.

They have a bunch of different radio stations and other music topics. You can also browse their upcoming and video section to see what’s next on their website.


What is Livenation? One of the strongest live entertainment companies in the world, Live Nation sells over 500 MILLION tickets a year for their events.

That’s pretty intense. They handle shows from clubs to festivals of all sizes.

They currently have an amazing section on their home page for who is playing what, when, and on what platform; all for you to live stream in quarantine.

Visit Live Nation and stay updated with who is playing what day by day.


Ever thought about having a home for live streaming things alllll in one place? Welcome to Pick A Live.

I don’t think it gets anymore genius then to have a giant home of all things live stream.

You can find things quickly and easily. Instead of following all your favorite artists separately and having to stay up to date on all of their platforms, you can go to Pick a Live.

Essentially Pick a Live is a digital media platform that helps users find streaming content.

The way to live stream in quarantine just got a whole lot easier through the use of these multiple platforms and resources.

Live stream by artists

Regardless of whatever type of music you are into friends, this blog post has something for everyone to live stream in quarantine.

Get your ears peeled and your hands ready to start clicking away at so many options.

I even am throwing in some theater, nature, and art recommendations, because music isn’t the only thing you can live stream in quarantine right now. The beauty of the internet.

A lot of these artists have performed for a greater good, helping raise funds for different campaigns that have all been affected by COVID.

The Long List of Artists

1. Global Citizen – Has recently launched a campaign “One World: Together At Home – A global broadcast & digital special to support frontline healthcare workers and the WHO.”

If you’ve never heard about Global Citizen, you can learn about who they are and how they are helping COVID-19 through the power of celebrities, artists, actors, etc.

They have a jampacked youtube campaign here: Global citizen Youtube videos. There you will find people like Samuel Jackson speaking about COVID and Lady Gaga performing.

2. Post Malone: He did a Nirvana tribute for over an hour recently to help The United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for The World Health Organization (WHO) in support of COVID-19 relief efforts.

Livestream: Post Malone X Nirvana Tribute.

3. Move D: David Moufang knows how to get the party grooving in a hurry with his taste of music.

I’m a true fan, and him bringing his music for us to live stream in quarantine, has truly been nothing short of a beautiful present.

You can catch his live streams on his Facebook Live page and his Video section on his Facebook page. He has been getting the party grooving in quarantine on dates ranging from March 29 to May 3rd.

I’m sure even more music is on the way. Stay tuned he’s amazing!!!

Head over to Discog if you are interested in learning more about Move D. and buying some amazing records.

4. Norah Jones: Singer, songwriter, pianist- Norah is a woman of many talents with the voice of an angel. Her live stream is weekly on Thursdays at 4pm EST on Facebook.

Livestream: Norah Jones Videos

5. Radiohead: Formed in 1985, Radiohead is a classic English rock band. They are currently doing live shows of their archives (past events) on their youtube channel.

You can find a new live launched weekly, every Thursday at 5pm EST.

Livestream: Radiohead videos

More Radiohead music: Radioheads 40 greatest songs ever, ranked

Live stream in quarantine

Music series and music programming

6. The Roots: The Roots are amazing, live, on tv, or on your headphones, they simply know how to perform and make music.

“Quest Love” aka the drummer and “leader” of the band is currently doing “Questowrecktastow” on youtube where he is doing tributes, different concert series, and whatever else he seems to be in the mood for.

The schedule is Thursdays at 3 pm EST but he appears to currently be uploading every day. The more the merrier, right?

Livestream: Questowrecktastow

Other videos that are varied stories and series: The Roots Videos

More information on The Roots: Quest Love and the Roots how a hip hop band conquered late night.

7. Awesome Sound WaveThey focus on Electronic and Techno Music that is produced by musicians who perform it live.

In their videos, you’ll find music in live streams from past events including ADE and Awakenings.

In the Live stream, you’ll find artists such as Christopher Coe, Carl Cox, Honeysmack, Saytek, Hannes Bieger, and many more.

Livestream: Awesome SW Videos

8. Streaming from Isolation: Boiler Room edition: Boiler Room is running Streaming from Isolation where they are streaming live music directly in artists’ homes while they raise funds in efforts to keep us all connected.

What I like about their Streaming from the Isolation web page is that it tells you the genre of music and the length. You can basically shop around for which live stream in quarantine you want to jam out too.

Livestream: Streaming from Isolation

Artists under that umbrella: You have artists like Quantic, Floating Points (ft KDV Dance Ensemble), Peggy Gou, Luz, Ellen Allien, and many, many, many more.


1. Movement – In my 5 festivals you should attend blog post, you’ll quickly learn why Movement is such a hit. It takes place in the birthplace of techno, Detroit Michigan.

Thousands of people come together to enjoy varied dance music for a few days. Movement usually takes place in May, however, they have postponed it to September 11-13 due to the pandemic.

They have gone live with a few artists, such as Stacey Pullen, Kevin Saunderson, Dj Minx, and more.

Rest in Peace the Detroit musical hero Mike Huckaby.

Livestream: Movement Detroit Live Streams

2. Sunwaves – You will also find Sunwaves in my festival blog post, it’s an epic festival loved by many music fans.

It is for good reason, Romanians know a thing or two about how to make amazing music. Unfortunately, they had to postpone and change up a few things regarding their events.

Luckily, you can live stream in quarantine some of their original lineup for their spring series. The best part? You get to play this whenever you want to.

Livestream: Part 1 of their 24-hour live stream and Part 2. Both streams are a little less than 12 hours long. (11 h 55 min)

Live stream in quarantine, Television and Theater version:

1.Jimmy Kimmel Quarantine Minilogue – Kimmel is infamous and very well known for his late-night TV show that appears on ABC.

Currently, since there is no in-person contact, the show has been on pause. But like any true talent and superstar, the show must go on.

He is now doing Minilogues on his show that are just as funny as his late-night program. Just not as long.

More live streams: Jimmy Kimmel Quarantine Minilogue

2.Jimmy Fallon – The tonight show: At Home edition

Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite comedians, he’s just so funny. I was happy to see The Tonight show: At home edition, because why not?!

He gets the whole family involved in the video below, it’s rather cute. Here’s some more humor to cheer up your day.

If you want to see more of Mr. Fallon, you can find more information about Jimmy at The Tonight Show.

If you are in the US, you can watch the new shows directly on the Tonight Show website, if not, head over to Youtube to see the Home Edition.


3. The Royal Opera House – The famous British opera house is currently offering free programming with a program named “#Ourhousetoyourhouse.”

It appears to premiere every Friday at 7 pm BST. (British time zone). Rule of thumb if you are American and on the East Coast, subtract 5 hours from EST.

Plugin your HDMI cord to your computer, use your smart tv, or put on your projector, grab some popcorn, pretend you are there and enjoy!

Livestream: You can watch the live stream on their website, Royal Opera House, their Facebook, or Youtube channel.

4.Wiener Staatsoper – Interested in Ballet and Opera? You can watch Wiener’s programming worldwide and for free. Simply sign up for a free account and start that live stream in quarantine!

Livestream: Staatsoper live

5. Met Opera– Every day at 7 pm EST, you can catch a free opera performance which is available for the next 24 hours.

After that, the next performance will replace the previous one. Start a free 7-day trial and then after that it appears to be a $4 fee.

Livestream: Nightly Met Opera streams


Can’t go to the museum? Go to the museum virtually! There are TONS of things you can live stream in quarantine, and yep, museums are one of them.

Here are articles that are jampacked with diverse museum information:


Ah, nature. If only we can go for a hike or to a national park, wouldn’t that be nice right now?

Yosemite and Yellow stone are bringing the parks to you. Leave your computer plugged into the tv, and get ready to go on a virtual hike.

Yellowstone National Park– Located in Wyoming, Yellow stone is quite. the hit. What a treat they are doing do to have virtual tours and help others enjoy nature while we can.

I recommend taking note of your interests and planning a trip if you’d like to see it in person! Psychologists have said that doing things such as planning trips and excursions, helps us mentally.

Even if we are not really booking something. What better way to do that to get your mind off of things.

Yosemite National Park – Located in California, within the Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite is very popular amongst tourists and locals alike. If you can’t go to the park, bring the park to you through Virtual Yosemite.

Live stream in quarantine some fuzzy friends

We all miss human interaction, and although we can face time our loved ones and watch entertainment from home, what about our fuzzy friends?

I have seen some zoos let the animals completely out to go for a walk while the humans stay home.

I’d say that’s a much-needed break for the animals that are stuck in cages, all the time. So what zoos are participating in live streams?

Cincinnati zoo – The 5th oldest zoo in the US is here to bring you all the live videos for all of the animals.

Live stream: Cincinnati zoo live videos

San Diego zoo – Voted the #1 zoo in the world, they are also bringing all the fuzzy feels through their live cams.

Live stream: San Diego Live Cams

Music event cancellation information

Looking for information on a huge music event you’re not sure if it’s canceled? If it’s mainstream and/or under the commercial umbrella, you can head over to Billboard’s Canceled Coronavirus list.

In search of music to live stream in quarantine that’s more mainstream like Bon Jovi?

Head over to Billboard’s Livestreams & Virtual Concerts to watch their post they continue to update.

Is social media the next biggest musical platform for us to stream live music in quarantine and after? Vox happens to think so, check out their point of view.

Hope this makes you feel better one way or another. See you on the virtual dance floor while we live stream in quarantine,



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