Who is Marcu Rares and why you need to listen to him now

Today we will be discussing an incredible Romanian artist that needs to be on your radar, Marcu Rares. 

You don’t need music to always find you, sometimes you need to go find it. 

With that being said, you’ll quickly see Marcu is pure talent that is continuing the legendary Rominimal and house music footsteps.

This type of subgenre of music includes other infamous Romanian music legends such as Raresh, Cristi Cons, and more.

Although his sound is somewhat similar to other Rominimal artists, undoubtedly the music he creates comes from a different perception – always changing and progressing into new sounds and noises. 

Once you start to listen, you’ll notice that Marcu takes you on a musical journey every single track. With the average track being 8-15 minutes long, there is time to explore each song to a new extent.

It’s not about hitting highs and lows in his tracks. It’s about music progressing slowly and him continuing a consistent pace of mixing.

You can sense the passion through the music he creates and it shines brightly through out his work.

Even if this is different than what you are used to, I highly urge you to give it a listen. It’s just that good. 🙂

Discovering Marcu Rares 

Marcu Rares

I found Marcu in the spring while trying to find new music browsing on Spotify. The beats lured me in but the quality of sound made me a raving fan. 

Vocals aren’t always needed in music and in this case, it’s no different. The music speaks for itself. 

After going through track after track and every single track was so good, I was mind blown. It didn’t take long until he was mentioned to other music oriented friends that also enjoyed the music.

With so much curiosity, I went to take my research to the internet, and I saw he was Romanian. Took me back to sunwaves and the experience music fans have had in Romania overall. 

If you are familiar with clubs such as guesthouse, festivals such as Sunwaves, then you’ll also know that within this underground music community, it is a lifestyle and there are certain standards majority of fans carry.

It’s also important to stay open minded in this environment because if you really want to find new things, you have to explore your music taste. 

Rominimal and similar house music types are complex within its style of music, the community it has, and the lifestyle around it. It’s unique, it’s new, and it’s certainly different than mainstream house and dance music. 

About Marcu Rares


I had the pleasure to speak to Marcu about his music career and how it all started. This is what he mentioned:

“I’m from Iasi, Romania. my mom signed me up for piano lessons when I was 3 or 4. And when I started school, she signed me up at the school of Fine Arts, here in Iasi, Romania.

So it was basically 12 years of music non stop. From morning to night, I’ve been through all the major ones: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, ceaikovski. I practiced flute, piano, marimba and drums. And when school was over, I don’t know… after studying music for so long, it becomes your language.

And your get away..

And your companion..

And friend..

I guess every passionate musician would tell you the same.

That music is more than enough

If i can do this, anything else is just bonus.” – Marcu Rares

No wonder with such a strong passion and a long history of music, his music shines so bright.

Where to find Marcu’s music

You can find Marcu on several places online.

Outside of that, don’t forget to support Marcu Rares and stream his music on the following platforms:

To find him on social media, you can find him on instagram and facebook.


So there you have it. The latest music recommendation and information on artist, Marcu Rares. Today you learned about who he is and the type of music he makes.

Now I want to hear from you. Have you ever heard of Marcu Rares and what is your favorite track? 

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  1. Hi there, I am visiting India from Australia and they were playing your music in a restaurant.. I inquired, listened on Spotify and now I am a fan… Love your music 💜

  2. I’ve been listening to Marcu since he dropped “Minute.” He is extremely good. I message him on IG every time he drops something to him feedback. His tracks are long, a great journey. He progresses the tracks amazingly. Something new is always developing in the tracks. His deep tracks are outstanding. I just told him that he is on the same their as Mathame for me, even though they made a different type of sound.

    1. Marcin, Minute’s a great track, I love the feedback! Looking forward for Marcu’s newest release!! I have to check out Mathame, he sounds awesome.

  3. My favorite song is “Lunatic” and “Minute.” I’d keep stalking these two pieces. His music has its uniqueness and is a delight for the ear.

    1. Great selections, Paul. Those are in my top list too! But then again so is everything, it´s all just soo0o good, hehe. 🙂

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