More music to survive Quarantine

more music to survive quarantine

More music to survive quarantine is officially here. 🙂 Head’s up my friends, heads up. Life is all about perspective and gratitude, if there’s anything life is teaching us right now, I think it’s that.

Hello to all the beautiful and lovely people out there! I hope you are staying sane or at least somewhat sane throughout all this craziness. This is a unique situation and I know a lot of us don’t know what to do. That’s why if you are looking for tips and tricks to stay positive, definitely go to my podcast, aka the TXB experience where I dive deep into Episode 1 on How to Stay Mentally Healthy, Sane, & Positive during this quarantine.

In efforts to help, I wanted to share my tips and tricks of how I’m staying grounded in my wonderful apartment for the past 6+ weeks (with possible more quarantine on the way.) As I said, life is really all about perspective. Know you are not alone and if you ever do feel lonely, call a loved one! Facetime them, text them, email them, dm them, you get the point. Stay connected with the right people!

Well without further ado, let’s get into this music playlist:


With more music to survive quarantine, I hope you start to feel better while listening to these tunes. Music is here to stay and that’s a blessing within itself.

A lot of the track names on this playlist are 100% applicable to the situation, whether it’s The Police’s, Dont Stand to Close to Me, or it’s Americans trying to open up the economy so they can go Get Dis Money by Slum Village, it’s all here friend. It’s all here. We have rock, lo-fi house, house, rap, soul, ambient, electrofunk. Honestly a little bit of err thang. Confident you’ll like it, it’s a very diverse group of musicians and artists with 60 something tracks and over 4+ hours for you to stream. Something for everyone. Press that play!

Haven’t been here in a while? Catch up with TXB’s April monthly feature: Patiently Waiting X Hovy. and 20 pieces of quarantine music that has over 60+ hours of music. If you are looking for music, you’ve come to the right place. If you are new here, don’t forget to subscribe to get music delivered to your inbox every week. Take the work out of finding all different kinds of music through my newsletter. You can subscribe here.

If you want even MORE quarantine music, I got you. Head over to Vox to see their latest playlist that has 215 songs and is 16 hours long. Fun fact, a bunch of their followers contributed to the playlist, makes it that more fun 🙂 The music ranges from the Beatles to Frank Ocean. Enjoy!

Much love and tons of air hugs,



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