20 pieces of quarantine music to pass time

Hello friends! Quarantine seems to be causing a lot of discomforts and I really wanted to create something I know will help others. What’s that? A long list of amazing music to enjoy during this quarantine. I guess we can call this quarantine music if you fancy. Though we don’t have much access to other things, we do have access to music, and a lot of it.

Quarantine music

Buckle your seat, and get settled, you are about to go on one a hell of a musical journey in this post. 20 different quarantine musical things to listen to. Quarantine isn’t fun, we all know that, but I hope you are staying sane and positive because this too shall pass. Look at the bright side of things, I know this pandemic is pretty bad, but things could ALWAYS be worst. Let us be grateful it’s not!

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Been quite some time that I’ve written a new blog post, and I’m super excited to share all this quarantine music that I know is going to drive you crazy in a super good way! Let’s get this quarantine music party started, shall we?

Please note, to listen or stream any of this quarantine music content, you can preview it on my site and then log in and switch over to Spotify. The playlist will take you directly there and prompt you on what to do as you continue to listen. The same goes for Soundcloud content, you can start streaming within the post and then switch over to the appropriate application. I’ve purposely made this a bit easier to listen, all you have to do is press that play to start.

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Quarantine music on Spotify

To kick things off on the right foot, we are starting off with the genre of Dance/Electronic, things to keep you pumped and chilled in a modern way.

Genre: House/Dance/Electronic

1. Robert Leiner – Visions of the Past

Visions of the Past – 1994

This album is from the ’90s, and maybe that’s why it’s so good. I personally loved everything about the 90’s. I think you will enjoy this blast from the past. Put on your quarantine music dancing shoes, this is a great album to get you chilled out and right into the proper ambient mood. Robert Leiner is amazing, he’s from Sweden. If this is your first time listening to him, take note, he’s a great one to have on your musical radar.

Quarantine music to keep you ambient! #2 is Domestic

Domestic – 2002

The sounds on this album are absolutely amazing. So who’s Domestic? It started off as a duo with 2 musical cats named Ido Ophir and Miki Litvak, but Miki eventually left the project. Not sure when. It’s honestly really hard to find a lot of information on these two. I’ve been searching for months and kind of gave up. Assuming they keep a low profile.

3. Floating Points

Crush – October 2019

Mr. Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is one of a kind. Not only is he crazy talented within the music realm, but he’s also a pure genius in my opinion. Fun fact, he studied neuroepigenetics, but specifically, how DNA plays in neurons that deal with pain. He has a doctorate. So remarkable and cool. I think what he knows about the brain, somewhat gets portrayed in his music.

His tracks usually don’t have vocals, but they personally always make me think and put me into a deep focus. It’s just the insane amount of detail he puts into the music. Another fun fact, it once took him 5 years to make an album.

I know you’ll love his latest album. If not, then I’m probably just a biased fan and that’s ok too 🙂 He’s a very interesting character if you want to know more about him you can read this New York Times post.

4. Tom Jarmey and Louf – Curated playlist made by mwa

Curated – 2020

This playlist is over an hour and is merged with 2 British musicians, Tom Jarmey and Louf. Two really sick artists that know a thing or 2 about sound. Tom Jarmey founded the party Wax Villainy that’s based in Manchester, UK – he continues to make waves in the music industry. Louf, who is BKA Louis Fitton, has blown me away with his tunes. Sometimes I really feel like there are some musical chemicals that brew talent in the water in the UK. So much amazing talent that comes out of there. It’s literally mindblowing.

Time for soul

5. Snoh Aalegra

Ugh, those feels again – 2019

I came across Snoh Aalegra so randomly and I’m so happy I did. She has such a beautiful voice and her latest album is so smooth. If you haven’t heard of her yet, I feel like you’ll definitely fall in love with the lyrics and her sound. She’s also very beautiful with an exotic cultural decent of Iranian and Swedish. If you’d like to start off on one of my favorite tracks, you can begin with Situationship. It’s so good!

6. Hannah Williams

50 foot Woman – 2020

Another artist I found randomly. It was late and my tv was still on and this magical performance of Hannah Williams and The Affirmations came on. The song that was playing was “Hourglass,” the hook was on, and I was like omg-ah, who is this! Ya know the deal, I shazamed that REAL quick. I originally thought they were Spanish (it was on a Spanish channel), but they are actually British. Surprise! Remember what I mentioned before? So much good musical talent out in the UK. This proves my point. You will probably fall in love once you press that play if you love soul. Their collaborations are remarkable and stretch from Tyler the Creator, Pete Rock, and even Jay-Z has sampled them on the song 4:44.

7. Joss Stone

Mind Body & Soul – 2004

Joss Stone has the voice of an angel. She’s been around for a long time, she reached success at a very young age. She’s only grown into a stronger and more well-diverse artist with time. Just so happens to be that she is another British artist on the list!! Press that play to listen to this throwback of an album but still, it’s classic.

8. Erykah Badu

Baduizm – 1997

Obsessed with Badu. Her music is just so comforting. I feel like a lot of her tracks can be played over and over again and it’ll never get old. Baduizm is a real thing, folks. I found her in 2016 and it’s been happily ever in love with her music after. This album goes way back but yet like trends, good music never goes out of style.

9. Erykah Badu again – Mama’s gun

Mama’s Gun – 2000

Another 1 hour and 11 minutes for you to embrace Baduizm with the smoothest vibes and tunes.

Hip hop/Rap

10. Harlem’s debut rapper – Nnish

You Hurd of Me – 2019

Have you heard of Nnish? Nnish is a debut rapper based in Harlem and someone to keep your eyes on and ears peeled to. He’s someone I will be featuring on my blog later with much more information and background on the next projects he’s working on, latest releases, his inspiration, etc. Press that play to stream his latest album.

11. Travis Scott

Jackboys – 2019

“Jackboys” is wicked, I mean he has Rosalia on the first track. Talk about being innovative and I don’t think I need to say much after that. His music always pops and blows up because he’s insanely creative. Music videos are next level. One of those music artists that knows what’s up and always delivers.

12. Astroworld

Astroworld – 2018

I can listen to Astroworld for ages, such a classic album. Every track is a hit. Not many artists’ album delivers in that sense where every single track is 10/10. Way to go Travi, you did it again!

13. Common

Be – 2005

Common’s background is interesting. Musician, rapper, philanthropist, and activist, he’s a man of many talents. His music lyrics are important and usually have a message. Pay attention or simply google the lyrics if you can’t keep up. This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Feel free to start with Testify and Real People and move around from there.

Quarantine music on YT – Cercle series

14. FKJ at Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Amazing right?

I mean holy scenic. Check out those views. This Youtube channel, Cercle is AH-wicked. If you’ve never heard about them, I’ll summarize it for you. Cercle books amazing musical talent and finds an insane scenic location to hold the event. Insane right? If you’ve never seen them before, just wait till you see their videos.

This is one of the most perfect quarantine music things to listen to. Pretend you are mentally in one of their amazing settings !!

15. Seth Troxler at Château d’Apigné in Rennes, France

Did someone say music in a beautiful French gastronomic hotel and restaurant in the capital of Brittany? Yes – there’s actually a capital named the same name as my name, Brittany in France. Lawls. The man, the myth, the legend- Seth Troxler, absolutely rips it in this one!!

A mix of Podcasts

16. Floating points X Resident Advisor

This mix is awesome. Floating points does it again! Head to resident advisor to stream now.

17. 5.5 hours of Sondercast:

Sondercast is a musical project of a few friends of mine. Sonder stands for “The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” You can catch them and their musicians djing from all different kinds of music venues all over the East Coast. Within the past for years, they’ve recently started their podcasts and I wanted to drop a few of their latest releases to stream here.


18. 13 years of Seth Troxler in one mix

Over 100 tracks to listen too.

Holy Quarantine music, did he just bless us or did he just bless us?! These tracks are over the course of the past 13 years. Over 150 tracks to listen too.

When I mentioned we’re going to go on one hell of a musical journey, I wasn’t playing games! 😉

19. 12.5 hours of Laurent Garnier mixes

Laurent Garnier is an amazing DJ, producer, and musician. Introduced to him by my partner, we finally saw him live earlier this March. All I can say as my review is, WOW. He seems so interested in what he does, it shows. I’m so happy to put all these mixes in this post for you. I hope you enjoy these Garnier sets as much as we have the past few days. He’s mentioned during this COVID situation “luckily we still have music” and I couldn’t agree anymore to be perfectly honest. Keep your ears peeled, and press that play.


This mix is super groovy. If you’d like, start from the bottom up with Garnier.

20. Rufus Du Sol X Joshua Tree

Live performance – March, 2020

Last but certainly. not least, I leave you with a stellar Rufus Du Sol performance that was at Joshua Tree just last month. For this quarantine music segment, we can pretend we’re mentally there just like the Cercle experience. Check out those sky colors, but most importantly, listen to that music. You know what to do, hit that play!

& there you have it, 20 quarantine music pieces to keep you entertained, feeling better to help you find some light. I hope this lifts your mood in one way or another. If you liked these music selections, don’t forget to visit here to learn more about how you can get freshly curated music week after week, it’s only quality music here. 🙂

~Be well & much love,


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