My Stay at Home Plog

When in doubt, create! This quarantine has been lengthy, I know. We currently have extra time on our hands, and it’s a nice idea to do something creative if you can and mostly if you’re bored, haha. This is my first ever “Plog,” aka Photo Blog, not a personal blog.

I hope you enjoy these photos, they have all taken place within the past 7 weeks of very strict quarantine. Finally, only 1 more week to go until things start slowly trying to progress back to normalcy.

What you can expect in this “Plog” is what I have been up too in quarantine.

It’s photo time

1. Me all Quarantine, trying to figure out what day of the week it is.

Quarantine blues

2. Reflections

Quarantine Reflections

3. Everyday at 8pm, the neighborhoods in Spain applaud the Medical workers aka “Applauso Sanitario.”

Quarantine applause
Applausio Sanitario, Quarantine Madrid

4. Wet clothes.

When in Quarantine

5. After rain comes a rainbow.

Rain during quarantine

6. Potato leek soup garnished with carrots and cilantro

Potato leek soup

7. Catching fresh air with my favorite kitty.

Quarantined with cats

8. Mushroom Vegetable Paella. We ran out of regular rice so used Basmati. The result? Amazing!

Quarantine Paella

9. Always time for that Spanish sun.

10. Put your legs up in the air and wave them in the air if you want to see your shadow.

Lazy quarantine feels

11. Sunsets

Sunsets during self confinement

12. Can’t go out for brunch? Bring the brunch to you! This cheat meal was well deserved.

Quarantine brunch

13. She stole my seat. Since she’s so cute I allowed it.

Quarantined with pets

14. Another rainbow. 🙂

After Quarantine there will be light

15. Last but certainly not least. To sum up my quarantine in a few words: music, cooking, creating, and quality time with ze boo.

Chilling out

Stay safe! Don’t forget to catch up on the latest of my blog:

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