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15 Real Madrid Cake ideas that will wow every guest

If there’s anything Spanish people love it is soccer. It’s no wonder why Madrid soccer fans would be looking for Real madrid cake ideas! Real Madrid in Spain isn’t just a soccer team in Madrid, it’s a brand, a cult favorite and almost a way of life here!

This blog post is going to inspire you with 15 awesome cake ideas for what ever occasion it is you’re preparing to celebrate. Lets dive in on how to incorporate your enthusiasm for the Real Madrid prestigious football club onto a masterpiece cake!

Real Madrid cake ideas

Below are 15 super different cakes for you to get inspiration from the many different styles and designs. Enjoy and I hope you have a blast celebrating with a Real Madrid cake !

White and gold cake with the Real Madrid sign

real madrid cake ideas

There are several different types of cakes within this picture but they have a few things in common. These Real Madrid cakes have a big emphasis on dark blue outline, like the Real Madrid Jersey annd gold colors. You can also spice it up like the 4th cake and put some soccer balls, grass, and numbers.

Minimal White and Gold cake with crown

real madrid cake ideas

This cake could be a great Real Madrid cake idea as its super minimal and a pretty easy design to make. The difference with this cake compared to the one above is this has a gold outline vs the blue. Easily put your favorite players name and number like seen on this cake.

Dark blue white and gold layer stripe cake

real madrid cake ideas

For this cake, add some layers and make a tower cake combine the colors of the Real Madrid jersey and make a really bold statement! How pretty are these Real Madrid colors? I think this could be a great Real Madrid cake idea if you are going BIG for your celebration!

Real Madrid tower cake

This tower cake is sure to wow a crowd. If you like the look of tower cakes and want to keep it minimal, this might just be the cake inspiration you’re looking for.

Put your favorite soccer players on the cake

real madrid cake ideas

Why not add your favorite players to the center of the cake? This is a super cute idea, feel free to add some Real Madrid colors to the cake details and wala!

Add your favorite color as the base of the Real Madrid cake

real madrid cake ideas
real madrid cake ideas

Add your favorite color to the background of your Real Madrid cake to add in your own personal style and details. Easily swap the light blue for another color of choice.

Add a Double logo of the soccer team

real madrid cake ideas

Easily emphasize your love for Real Madrid by placing a double emblem of the team on the cake. You can also decorate the border of the cake like seen in picture 3 on the bottom left of the photo.

White and dark blue stripe cake

real madrid cake ideas

Add stripes to the cake of the Real Madrid colors. This has double logo, crowns, and wording on the border to add lots of special details to the cake.

Soccer ball, soccer field and Madrid team details

Add a few elements of the soccer ball and soccer field to the cake. You could add in black and white for the soccer ball colors and trim the outline of the cake in green to give it a green element of the soccer field.

Make a cake out of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

If there’s any place that is truly special when it comes to Real Madrid, it is definitely the Santiago Bernebeau stadium. This stadium holds so many memories for the Real Madrid team. The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is also the main soccer stadium in Madrid.

Make the Real Madrid cake a unique shape

These 2 cakes are uniquely shaped which can also help incase you have a big party. Its unique, its stylish, and it solves the problem! Add the Real Madrid colors with wording or a special border around like these cakes.

Make a cheesecake

real madrid cake ideas - cheesecake

Cheesecake is super duper popular in Spain. Why not combine that with your Real Madrid cake ?! It could turn out to be insanely easy. All you will need is to make the cheesecake and put the team logo like seen here in the center of the cake. Possibly get the logo custom made at a cake shop or a special logo/print shop.

Now tell me, which of these Real Madrid cake ideas is giving you major inspo!? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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