Spanish brands: 35 of the best that will make you want to go shopping right now

Spanish brands are globally sought after for good reason. There is something about that Spanish touch that makes locals and tourists alike go crazy.

Today we are going to be talking about the best brands you can find and shop for in Spain.

Shopping abroad is a must, knowing about the best of the best brands makes your life as a non-local much easier.

Trust – you do not want to miss grabbing an item or two in some of these stores during your time in Spain.

Whether you are looking for designer brands or super affordable clothes, this list has all the brands you need to know about in one list.

Make sure you keep this list handy when you go shopping!

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Spanish brands

spanish fashion brands

When most of us think of Spanish brands, we think of beautiful clothes from Zara. And while Zara has fairly gained its reputation, we have plenty more to talk about outside of Zara! I think you will love every inch of it!!

All the brands that are on this list have physical stores and/or online stores in Spain. If they don’t have their own store, you can find the brands in department stores such as El Cortes Ingles.

El Cortes Ingles is like a US Nordstrom or Macy’s. It’s big and sells everything in one place.

By simply walking down the street in any Spanish city, you will notice how well the majority of the people are dressed.

Sweatpants prior to the pandemic weren’t really a thing I witnessed too often.

That means dress to impress if you are visiting Spain because people will definitely expect you to be dressed up and presentable.

Inditex group – the biggest Spanish clothing brand retailer

Inditex is the leader of all Spanish fashion brands, it is the world’s biggest clothing retailer. This fashion house definitely holds a big throne.

Amancio Ortega is a very smart businessman and has grown Inditex into 8+ commercial brands in more than 202 different markets online and over 7,000 stores in 96 markets. Markets = countries.

His main goal was to have retailers everywhere. The billionaire founder Ortega has been featured as number 5 on Forbes’s top 10 lists in 2020. He has been ranked higher in spots 3-4 before.

Now let’s get into the different stores of the Inditex group.

1. Massimo Dutti – best Spanish brand overall & for elegance

Massimo Dutti is first up. This is one of the most elegant Spanish clothing brands and has over 677 stores worldwide. The clothes here are very beautiful. Think of them as a US Banana Republic type of feel, European Chic.

Massimo Dutti originally started as a men’s clothing line and then in 1991 was obtained by Inditex group. After some time, the Spanish brand Massimo Dutti, expanded into women’s wear, and then child clothes in 2003.

The price point isn’t low but also not super high, it’s about 50 euros for a shirt and 100+ euros or more for pants.

I can vouch that the quality is incomparable to other Inditex relatives. Highly recommend Massimo Dutti if you want classic quality staples in your closet that will last a long time.

If you find the prices off-putting, know that they have amazing sales. We’ll get into more details about the Spanish sale season later.

Their ideal consumer is an older customer hence the price tag and the style. Shop at Massimo Dutti if you are into elegance and classic minimalistic style.

2. Uterque – was the best spanish brand for unique trends

Next, we have Uterque. They are very popular in Spain for the clothes, but also the funky accessories, bold prints, and trendy edge.

It is one of the smaller brands of Inditex and currently has 85 stores worldwide.

Since Uterque is a smaller brand, it gets more focus on higher-quality materials. As expected, that comes with a higher price tag.

It is geared towards the same consumer as Massimo Dutti, older and trendy.

Uterque has a similar price point as Massimo Dutti, though some items can vary to be a bit more expensive. The items here tend to be bright, edgy, and super fun.

Shop at Uterque if you are looking for different trendy quality pieces.

Update 7/9/2022: Uterque has gone out of business. RIP they were iconic!

3. Bershka – best Spanish brands for teens & young adults

Bershka is on the lower end of Inditex in regards to price points. This Spanish clothing brand is targeted towards younger consumers of teens to early twenties.

The clothes here are sometimes really out there, colors are fun and playful. You’ll notice a lot of sporty clothes that you can potentially dress up or down.

When you walk into the store you kind of get a junior’s type of vibe but some stuff I find to have an evergreen age.

It is Inditex’s second-biggest store, it currently has 1005 stores worldwide.

In-store you can find everything from dresses to basics. The store sells online to the US and in 2017 there was a store popup in NYC.

4. Zara : The Spanish brand that brought attention to Spain

Zara sells modern clothing for women, men, and kids. They also sell accessories and shoes. The stores are always very big and have multiple floors. This is one of the most famous Spanish clothing brands out there.

Zara is the most famous of Inditex, there are 2118 stores and has a presence in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The trends aren’t always the same in different countries so if you’re American, I would say to check out this Spanish brand where it holds its original throne.

Regardless of the store count, every Zara store is intentionally designed to look the exact same regardless of the location.

They hire a whole team that is responsible to handle everything from design to the music in the store.

Shop at Zara for any type of apparel you might need, you’ll find everything from dresses, to blazers, to basics. The price point is also very diverse since they have different lines within the store.

Zara used to be one of the cheap brands in Spain, however, over the years the price tag has definitely increased.

Some clothing lines are cheaper and some are for occasions. Basic tops start at 6 euros and dresses start at 20.

5. Zara Home

Zara home offers everything from linens, to bed sheets, to plates. It has a fair price point and is known to stand out in front of expensive home competitors.

A cult favorite, Zara home has been a huge success worldwide. It currently has 535 stores worldwide.

The brand does a good amount of launches that release new items two times a week. Feel free to shop at Zara home if you need house accessories. Fresh curtains anyone?

6. Lefties : best Affordable Spanish brand

Lefties was born in 1999 and are known as the lowest cost store of Inditex and one of the most affordable. In fact, the brand comes up as ” Zara Reduced” on my bank statement.

You can easily find very inexpensive items here for 10 euros or less. Unlike some of its other Inditex neighbors, Lefties is targeted to all ages. Lefties is one of the cheap brands in Spain, definitely shop here if you are on a budget.

The store has clothes for babies kids to adults. Products range from activewear, shoes, accessories, intimates, and home wear.

Lefties is a Spanish brand that has 170 stores worldwide in the following 9 markets: Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mexico, and Portugal.

Shop at lefties if you want affordable clothing.

7. Pull & Bear : best Spanish brand for kids & teens

Pull & Bear is very similar to Bershka, they have the same customer in mind. They are a brand that is geared for teens and young adults.

It also has a low price point that mimics Bershka. Pull & Bear launched online in the US in February of 2019, no physical stores yet.

The company’s motto is meant to take the latest international trends and tweak them and make them their own style. As a result, you’ll find comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes at Pull & Bear. Lots of cozy girl and streetwear vibes.

The Spanish clothing brand currently has 873 stores worldwide. Shop at Pull & Bear if you want edgy basics and easy-to-wear clothing.

Pro tip– I would recommend sizing up. The sizing is super tiny, I’m a US size 26/27 for reference.

8. Oysho : best Spanish brand for the active female

Oysho offers the most comfortable gear ever: activewear, pajamas, swimwear, and intimates for women. This one of the most famous Spanish fashion brands in active wear and swimwear.

They originally started off specializing in underwear, swimwear, and nightwear.

Oysho’s motto is to offer fashion but without forgetting the quality and comfort of garments. The colors are gentle, with lots of light colors and pastels. You won’t find too many neon colors or prints here.

The brand received a LEED Gold, which is one of the highest environmental certifications. Oysho has been trying to focus on its footprint and doing what it can to help.

During the warmer seasons, you’ll also find beach accessories, dresses, towels, and sandals.

Whether you want to go to bed comfortably stylishly or want to pick up a cute swimsuit, Oysho has something for the everyday female.

The brand is well represented globally and currently has 600 stores worldwide. Price points are mid-priced with a workout set or swimsuit starting at 30 – 40 euros.

Shop at Oysho for super cute activewear, fun pajamas, and cozy intimates.

9. Stradivarius : best spanish brand for affordable women trends

Last of Inditex group is Stradiavarius. Stradiavarius is targeted towards female Millenials and has a price point higher than Bershka but more affordable than Zara.

For example, you can find dresses here for 25-30 euros and tops for 20 euros. Stradiavarius is a great Spanish clothing brand for the modern woman or modern teen.

Originally a family-owned brand, Stradiavarius was acquired in 1999. In 2017 Stradiavarius tried to run a trial for men but it was shortly stopped in 2018. Shop in Stradiavarius for modern women’s clothing.

10. Natura – Best Bohemian Spanish brand

Natura is an insanely beautiful bohemian brand and I love what it stands for. The Spanish brand name “Natura” is a Spanish word that signifies “the entire set of things and forces that comprise the universe.”

The company got started in 1979 in Barcelona. This was before Spain even had euros and the company got started with 15,000 pesetas. Pesetas used to be the currency in Spain before Spain joined the European Union.

Natura was under a different name “Zabriskie” when they first started and the goal was to make witty objects out of recycled cans. Eventually, they were making lamps, picture frames, and other unique things while they opened stores.

Sergio, the first owner, eventually started traveling and collecting unique items during his travels. The first Natura store was opened as a result and was supposed to be a shop for his exotic findings from all over the world.

Fast forward to 1994, Natura grew quickly. They became pioneers in the fashion space and the Natura bear became the symbol 90’s kids knew and loved. This was the year they also opened a store outside of Spain, in Porto Portugal.

Natura’s philosophy is broken down into 5 principles. First, to have fun no matter what. Second, find inspiration by traveling, they love exploring new cultures.

Third, they love nature and people and have another company Premio Natura that focuses on financial and environmental social projects. Fourth, pay attention to the details, and lastly, their not afraid to make mistakes.

Presently today, Natura has a total of 221 stores that are between Portugal, Spain, and Andorra and currently employs over 1,300 people.

Definitely check out Natura if you are looking for unique Spanish clothing brands thats exotic, bohemian and honestly just different overall!

11. Mango: Spanish brands outside of Inditex

Mango is one of Zara’s biggest competitors. The brand offers stylish clothing and elegant classics.

It is focused on kids, women, and men.

Mango has a price point similar to Zara’s but is sometimes more expensive. Pants start at 20 euros and shirts start at 16 euros and up. Their midi dresses and mom jeans are insanely gorgeous compared to other brands.

Unlike other Spanish fashion brands, Mango has a presence in the US. Even though it’s an Inditex competitor, Mango is also a huge fashion house and mediterranean classic.

The brand’s founder, Isak Andic does not fall short of fashion success. By 2007, Mango had opened its 1000th store and in 2017 it did 2.5 billion euros in sales. Fashion lovers should shop at Mango for everyday staples and special occasions.

12. Best affordable Spanish clothing brand : Sfera

If you love elegant clothes with a twist, you should definitely visit Sfera while shopping in Spain.

Sfera is a fashion Spanish brand owned by El Corte Inglés. El Corte Inglés is a giant empire of department stores all over Spain. It’s like Spain’s Macys if you need an American reference point.

Sfera is dedicated to continuous renewal, variety in its collections, and excellent customer service.

You can also find tons of basics here in case you’re looking for plain threads. They have a bit of everything, from dressy to casual.

The stores are constantly updated with new fashion collections inspired by market trends.
As a result, comfortable, modern garments at an affordable price are available, allowing even the most discerning customer to discover their own personal style.

The clothes are daring, elegant, and super fun! Highly recommend checking it out while here.

13. Manolabest sustainable spanish brand by an influencer

Have you ever heard of Belen Hostalet? She is a Spanish fashion influencer who recently released her own eco-friendly luxury activewear, Manola. Calling all fashion lovers who love to work out stylish!!

What is really nice about it is the concept – allow women to look like the best version of themselves using 100% regenerated nylon, “turning trash into treasure.”

They have the following pre-order model: 3-week campaign, 6-week production, 24-hour shipping. It’s really thought out considering they only produce the quantity necessary to cover demand.

Love it. For price points, leggings start at 58 euros and tops start at 53 euros. We love the quality, make sure you check out their reviews to see why.

14. Indie & cold

Was formed to make womenswear trendy, bohemian, and girly. Through the creative direction of Cristina Villar, the brand is a reflection of her style: ultra-feminine shabby chic with a retro touch.

They believe in using the artisan tradition, creating timeless collections focused on style rather than a trend. One of their main goals is for garments to have durability and quality.

At Indie & Cold you can find flowy tops, comfortable knits, and trendy prints.

They now have 18 stores within Spain and have a global presence in 18 countries. It is a super reasonable price point. Jackets start at 90 euros, shirts start at 20 euros.

15.Nice things

This brand was formed by popular Spanish couple Miguel Lanna and Paloma Santaolalla in Barcelona in 1995.

Today, Nice things is run by their daughter. The message is cute, to focus on the nice things in life.

Nice things offer cute items, some have become famous for unique drawing prints and feminine sizings.

The store is for women’s clothing so you can find tops, coats, skirts, and more.

The shirts start at 57 euros, pants start at 59.90 euros.

16. Yerse

Spanish brand

Another brand with eco friendly care in mind. Up to 28% of collections are made with organic materials and 90% of their collections are made with natural fibers.

The vibe is casual and easy to wear items that are funky and blend retro and vintage prints.

Shirts start at 9 euros and 70 for a jumpsuit.

Best Spanish Designer Brands

Bad and boujie? Don’t fret. There are plenty of Spanish designer brands on this list. After all, if you are a sex and the city fan, you’ll probably remember Carries love for Manolo Blahnik!

17. Loewe

It all started in a leather workshop 175 years ago. Today, Loewe has taken over in the Spanish designer department. Part of LVMH group, Loewe is one of Spain’s best luxury fashion brands.

They pride themselves in craftmanship that highly values artisenal techniques.

The company went through a new transition in 2013 with new creative director, Jonathan Andersen.

18. Delpozo

Carefully created for modern women, Delpozo has been around for a while.

In 2011, founder Jesús del Pozo passed away. After that, Josep Font transitioned into new creative direction and continued the brand’s legacy.

You’ll find women’s luxury pieces you can buy at Moda Operandi, Bergdorf Goodman, Farfetch and more.

19. Bimba y Lola: one of the most famous Spanish designer brands

Bimba and Lola is very playful and super popular in Spanish fashion. You’ll find very bright neon colors, bold prints, and playfulness to their inventory. You’ll find purses, clothes, shoes, and accessories for women here.

The brand is named after the founder’s 2 dogs. They got started in 2006 in Bilbao (northeast of Spain).

Now they have stores all over the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and other markets. Their collection has a lot of everyday staples but with the perfect pop of color.

The company mentality and employee base are youthful. Though they are technically a designer, prices are reasonable. Purses start at 75 euros.

20. Adolfo Dominguez

Another OG in the Spanish fashion world, Adolfo Dominguez has been around for a while.

You can find beautifully simple yet classic and easy-to-wear clothes that are super elegant. In 1984 Adolfo Dominguez became infamously famous for coining the term, “wrinkles are beautiful.”

Button-up shirts start at 90 euros and bags start at 89 euros. Sales are awesome though.

There are Adolfo Dominguez boutiques all over Spain and can also be found in Spanish department stores.

21. Manolo Blahnik: Celebrity favorite Spanish brand

Fashion legend Manolo Blahnik is famously known for reinventing the stiletto heel. He is one of the first Spanish designers that had massive success.

Manolo Blahnik has been making shoes since the 1970s and is a favorite around the world. These shoes are perfect for special occassions.

He still designs the shoes himself and has a bunch of shoes on display in his home bathroom.

Not only did Carrie Bradshaw love him, other celebrities such as Beyonce and Madonna are fans too.

Spanish brands: Shoes

22. Pretty Ballerinas

First up for Spanish footwear brands is Pretty Ballerinas.

They gained their popularity through Pretty Ballerina flat shoes. The Spanish shoe brand is quality footwear.

Pretty Ballerinas got started in Menorca with the Mascaro family that has over 100 years of experience in shoemaking. Items have been worn by famous people and royalty alike. Spanish Royalty, Kate Moss, and Angelina Jolie have all been featured wearing pretty ballerinas.

The brand has since expanded into a full footwear collection. You can find boots, loafers, flats, and pumps at Pretty Ballerinas. Prices range from 110 euros for boots and 55 euros for flats. These shoes are elegant everday staples to add to your wardrobe.

23. Castaner : Classic espradille Spanish brand

Also known as Espradille pioneers. In the 70’s Castaner gave the shoe a brand new look by putting wedge heels in the back of the espadrille shoe. Everyone fell in love and Castaner now updates their collection every season by using different colors, fabrics, and finishes.

These shoes are perfect casual or dressed up everyday staples.

The brand started making sneakers in 2020 and in the fall/winter, they sell boots and shoes. Prices for a pair of shoes range from 90 euros to 275 euros.

24. Unisa

Known for their modernism, unisa offers everything footwear. Their products range from sneakers, to pumps, to flats, to everything in between. Boots range from 70 to 120 euros and sandals range from 60 to 125 euros.

25. Alohas : Spanish shoe brands from Spanish influencers

Remember when we talked about Belen Hostalet? Now we can talk about her partner’s brand, Alohas.

It’s footwear and like Manola, they also take the planet into consideration. Focused on responsible consumption and on-demand production, they are dedicated to fashion’s biggest problem, overproduction.

How it works is you can pre-order a pair of next season’s shoes at a discounted price and get 2 perks: get them early on and promote sustainability. The shoes are made in Alicante Spain by trusted artisans. Expect quality footwear with Alohas.

Shoes are super cute and range from 90 euros and up. They only work in e-commerce so there is no physical store of Alohas.

26. Macarena

Macarena brings together the latest fashions, then makes them comfortable and of quality.

The Spanish shoe brand has been around for a while, they launched in 1970 in the North Eastern part of Spain. Products range from sandals, flats, and wedges.

Prices are super affordable too, flats start at 20 euros and wedges start at 60 euros.

Spanish brands – Jewelry

Jewelry Spanish brands are gorgeous and have a great sense of Spanish charm in the sense of manufacturing and design. Check them out!

27. Uno De 50

Uno de 50 is a Madrid-based brand that originally began its collection with a very interesting concept. The name translates to one of 50 in English, the idea was to make 50 items of each design to be exclusive.

The Spanish brand is well designed, works with a lot of silver material, and is handcrafted in Spain. It is bold but not too out there.

Necklaces range from 35 euros to 330 euros and bracelets range from 30 euros to 280 euros.

28. PD Paola : Viral online Spanish jewelry brand

Spanish brand PD Paola began 7 years ago in Barcelona by a sister and brother duo.

They are huge on instagram and currently have over a million followers on the platform. Launches are a big hit as they following is loyal and PD Paola frequently has instagram and facebook ads running.

The brand is affordable yet bold and modern. You can snag up a ring for 30 euros and up and necklaces starting at 39 euros.

29. Tous : A Spanish brand with a teddy bear icon

Tous has been around since 1920 and got started originally as a watch company in Catalonia, Spain. The brand has had major growth over the years due to a dedicated craft, affordable prices, and pow wow brand ambassadors.

Emma Roberts and other big names have been the face of Tous in the past. The brand has an infamous teddy bear icon logo that has become a fan favorite over the years.

In Tous, you can shop for jewelry, accessories, and handbags.

30. Majorica : A Spanish brand from Mallorca

A classic Spanish jewelry brand that has been around foreverrrrr. Majorica was founded in 1890 and is known for its imitation pearls that have embedded silver or gold. The items are really nice and at a great price.

Necklaces start at 70-80 euros. This brand is one of the few that is found in US stores such as Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

Spanish brands – Swimwear

Here you’ll find the best spanish swimwear brands that originated in Spain.

32. Como Un Pez En el Agua

The brand in English translates to like a fish in the water. Como un Pez en el agua got its start in 2010 in Barcelona. By the summer of 2011, founders Raquel Pérez and Sandra Puig were able to premiere their first swimsuit collection.

They have very different roles in the company. Sandra focuses on communication and imagery while Raquel focuses on design. Each item is a one of a kind and they pride themselves in their products not coming from assembly line.

Super cute swimsuits. Bikinis range from $140 and one pieces are $160. The brand also sells dresses, beachbags, and towels.

33. All Sisters: Sustainable swimwear Spanish brands

All sisters is a Spanish brand thats focused on sustainability and being eco friendly. The brand has a nice concept in mind as they only use black and white high quality Italian fabrics that are recycled.

All Sisters goal is to make fashion comfortable through pieces that respect and admire the women’s body and the planet. Odds are you might have heard of this Spanish swimwear brand since they are popular in the fashion world.

Price point is around 120 euro for one swim suit. It is more sustainable luxury but has a good idea on it. Better to help our planet than to not care at all right!

34. Dolores Cortés

This designer swimwear brand got started in the 1950’s. After their daughter grew up, the company was passed down. Dolores Cortes sells swimwear and other complimentary beach wear like dresses, cover ups, and pants.

In the 90’s Dolores JR was able to give the brand major attention walking at international fashion weeks.

Fast forward to today, the swimwear line is offered in 15 different countries. Bikini sets range from 54 – 130 euros.

35. Elephant and Castle: Spanish brand from Cadiz region

This one’s for the men! Elephant and Castle is a brand based in Cadiz that sells mainly watches but also has a counterpart line that sells mens swimsuits.

You can expect the swimsuits here to be loud, funky, and following modern trends. Lots of cute icons like pineapples and animals here. The average swimsuit at Elephant and Castle is around 40-50 euros.

36. Handmade Spanish brands: Nuria Ferrer

Nuria Ferrer pays attention to detail. This is a brand where all pieces are handmade and designs are exclusive to them.

They cater to women with a busty figure and specialize in recovering breast sugery patients. Sizes are B, C, D, E, and F. Nuria Ferrer works with Barcelona and Milan for the best tissues.

Sales season in Spain: Spanish brands at cheaper prices

Who doesn’t love a good sale? It’s so crucial for me to mention this because rebajas (sales) in Spain is really a game-changer for any shopper. All Spanish fashion brands go through major markdowns.

There are two periods every year, The first is at the beginning of the year after Christmas. Black Friday is OK but I personally think the after-Christmas sale is 100x better.

The major winter markdowns in Spain last from January – Mid March. The next 2nd period of rebajas season in Spain is in the summer. It’s definitely worth visiting in Spain !. It starts the end of June and lasts until the end of August/September.

During these mark down periods you’ll notice they do first and second mark-downs so if you like an item but want to spend less, wait. It will most likely get marked down again if it is already on sale.

If you are American you are probably used to tons of sales, however, it is very different in Spain.

They are slight discounted prices and promotions here and there but to get a really good deal, rebajas is where its at.

I know my other fashionistas out there love a good sale.

Sales are a great way to save money. Stores inevitably have to do markdowns, so if you catch yourself in Spain during this time, go shopping!!!

Spanish brands conclusion

There you have the complete list of 33 Spanish brands. You were informed on the best clothing brands, jewelry brands, designer brands, and shoe brands. In other words, something for everyone.

You also learned about where you can shop for these brands and the presence they have globally. Also most importantly, where to shop and the Spain sales season. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Spain travel.

Whether you are on holiday or live in Spain, this list will teach you where you need to go shopping and what the price ranges are like.

Would love to know in the comments, where would you like to shop first? Happy Shopping!

Affiliate disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate, this means I get a small commission if you purchase something using one of our links (at no extra cost to you) This helps us make even more and better content. We thank you tremendously for your support!

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