5 amazing spring music playlists you’re guaranteed to keep on repeat

Spring is here friends. What better way to enjoy the season than listening to some new music? These spring music playlists are from 4 complete different genres to get you dancing and prancing into summer.

Here you’ll find music and information on the following artists:

  • Erykah Badu
  • Ibeyi
  • Swayzak
  • Fat Freddy’s Drop
  • Special curated mix

5 spring music playlists to give you all the feels:

Below you’ll find different spring music playlists in length. Some are 1 hour and some are over 12 hours. You can click on the picture to start listening now. Happy streaming and happy Spring!!

To stream other music artists and playslists, please see the following:

Erykah Badu

Dallas native Erykah Badu has a flow like no other. She’s the type of artist you can listen to her tracks over and over again. She studied at Grambling university in Lousiana and majored in dance and theatre.

Eventually, she dropped out to pursue a career in singing. Shortly after, she formed a music group named Erykah Free.

Fast forward to 2 years later, in 1995 the music group was opening a show for D’Angelo when Badu was offered a contract by Kedar Massenburg. Kedar was just starting a record label and Badu wanted to focus on solo career at a smaller label.

And then, just 2 years later, the crowd went wild for Badu. Her debut album, Baduizm, went to one in Billboard album charts.

What’s most impressive about her quick success is Badu wrote and used her own lyrics for almost all of the songs on the album. Just one track wasn’t written by her. But wait, there’s more. After that, she won a few grammies. One for Baduizm that was for best R&B album, and another for On & On, best female vocal performance.

It’s been history ever since. Press that play and start jamming to Erykah Badu now.


spring music playlists

If you listen to any of these spring music playlists, start with Ibeyi, French and Cuban fraternal twin sisters. They bring all the right vibes.

Music is in their blood as their dad, Miguel “Angá” Diaz is a famously known percussionist who has won Grammies and nobely obtained musical attention all over the world.

Their mom, Maya Dagnino is a Venezuelan and French singer. She met Miguel in Cuba when she was 18 and had went to study conga and bata chants in Cuba.

She is also a huge musical influence in their lives and was the one who pushed Lisa to write her first song at the age of 14 after Lisa wasn’t invited to a party her sister went to.

Lisa discovered her love for making music and expressing herself through melodies.

Both of the sisters incorporate their roots and culture consistently into the music and thank their parents for immersing them into Cuban-Afro culture.

Ibeyi is a word in Yoruba that means twins.

The band is super unique, they were born and grew up in Paris and have Cuban and Venezuelan descent. In their childhood they also spent time in Havana and today are frequent visitors.

Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz make up Ibeyi and the group proudly sings in Yoruba and English.

Yoruba comes from Cuba and is a Nigerian dilect that was passed onto Cuba through slave trades. Very aware and in touch with their spiritual side, you can definitely hear influences of their background in their music.

Since 2015 they have been in the limelight and have performed all over the world in concerts and festivals.

The girls make up a classic band that will get you up and grooving with their very special unique sound.


Next on the list of spring music playlists, is Swayzak, a 2 member dance/electronic band that means business when it comes to music.

The London native group is composed of David Brown and James Taylor. They have been making music since 1994 til eventually premeiring their music to the world in 1997.

Convenient timing, by 1998 they got a deal with Medicine records for album “Snowboaring in Argentina.” This album brought them lots of success and global attention as Mixer awarded it album of the year the same year.

The next album Swayzak released was Himawari and this helped get them even more global attention due to a distingushing sound and super strong collaborations.

Some people that worked on the album were Opus III vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw, Benjamin Zephaniah, and JB Rose.

This playlist is a long one, they’ve been around for a long time so I couldn’t help myself!! Enjoy haha 😀

Fat Freddys Drop

A 7 member band from Wellington, New Zealand. Their sound ranges from reggae, soul, jazz, dub, rhythm, techno, and blues. Yep, they are quite the mix with the different styles of music combined, their sound is very unique.

What I like so much about them is the intent to push musical boundaries, along with the very relaxed ambiance they carry and have within their music presence.

Very humble, low key. You can tell they are passionate about the music they make.

Each member brings something different to the sound they make. They are one of the best bands in the world to see perform and are really a cult favorite.

Fat Freddy also prides themselves in being strategic with how they do things, both business and the music they create.

Hopefully they get back on tour and performing worldwide soon! Was supposed to see them March 2020 but show got cancelled due to covid and was sad about it!

Special Mix

spring music playlists

This playlist is a nice mix of a bunch of different artists. Its not as long as the others but I think you’ll appreciate the variation on this one.

These are the artists who are on this playlist:

Floating Points: 

This playlist is primarily Floating Points because he has some crazy good thinking music. Floating points is a one-man show. He is known as Sam Sheperd who is British and is an electronic musician.

What I really love about his music, is you can tell by listening, how much craft and detail he puts into it. Always solid music coming from Mr.Sheperd. I woulddd tell you to check out his shows but be quick, a lot are already sold out in his US tour.


Another English musician. He is a dj, musician, and producer. He is known as Simon Green. He’s a man of many talents – if you know anything about Bonobo you know he’s a very creative person. He has great photography (head to his IG if you want to check that out) but even better music, especially live from what I’ve heard! 


As I’m writing this, I’m starting to laugh because it’s primarily British artists on this playlist. Quantic is known as William Holland and is also a musician, DJ, and producer.

Quantic is also British, surprise, surprise. Not planned, just a coincidence. Is there something special in the water over in the UK? Could be!

Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I was talking about most of these artists on this list.

Head to my IG (@travelxbritt) if you want to see more of what i’m chatting about over there.


American Mary Sutton is showing these music boys just how it’s done! Amazing music, I have just one track of hers in this playlist but she is someone to be on your radar, FOR sure! Her track is in my top 3 on this playlist.


Also female and right next door to the US, she is Canadian. Her real name seems to remain a mystery so I can’t tell you what that is just this second. Anyways, she is a singer/songwriter, producer, and also another person to be on your radar.


Hope you enjoy this new music that you can start streaming this spring! Click on the playlist picture to go directly to Spotify and to start streaming now.

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