tenerife beaches - playa de las teresitas

Best Tenerife beaches: Learn about the 24 most epic places to swim on the island

Tenerife beaches are so insanely gorgeous, the island has some of the best in all of Spain.

Today you will learn about the best beaches on the island. Tenerife is the biggest of the 7 islands of Gran Canarias, Spain.

It’s a must visit destination if you are going to travel to Spain. If you are not familar with Canarias, this region of Spain was formed through volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

There’s tons of mountains and beaches, not to mention its 60-80 degrees farenheit weather almost every day of the year.

It’s the picture perfect place for a beach holiday year round.

Tenerife beaches

tenerife beaches

So what makes Tenerife beaches so special after all ? The beaches have crystal clear water, perfect sand to walk on, great weather, and a mountainesque view. Also, since this island was formed through volcanic eruptions you’ll find different kinds of sands and special rocks that basically used to be old lava.

It’s an outdoor lovers dream and I highly recommend visiting this region. There’s something to do for everyone, and if you’re traveling as a family, great news – kids will LOVE!

While considering visiting Tenerife, you should also get familar with spain beach etiquette. Spain culture is very particular so its a great idea to learn about mannerisms before you go.

The Best of the Beaches in North Tenerife

Important information to visit Tenerife beaches

How to travel to Tenerife beaches

To get to Tenerife, you will most likely take a plane or a ferry. Most people fly in. Once you are on Tenerife, if you would like to travel within other Canary islands, you’ll book with a local airline, such as Canary Fly.

There are 2 airports on the island, Tenerife South and Tenerife North. This makes traveling much more convenient instead of having to drive to different points of the island.

How to travel around Tenerife

The easiest way to travel around Tenerife is to rent a car. When I recently visited, I rented with Canary Car rental. They were great and offered a good price when we booked last minute.

Depends on what you are looking for, but if you are renting a car then moving around will not be that hard. The island isn’t that big, you can drive around the entire island in around 3-4 hours.

It is 359 km around the perimeter. Each corner of the island has its own charm so being flexible in exploring is ideal to see different kind of landscapes that gorgeous Tenerife has to offer.

There are tons of other car rental companies out there if you would like to compare and contrast.

You can also consider public transportation such as the bus service in between cities but do note it’s much easier renting a car and moving at your own pace.

Also note, the South bus service runs much better and is reliable, the North is unpredictable and delayed.

Best areas to stay in Tenerife

Tenerife is a beautiful island with amazing accomodation options for everyone. If you are looking to stay in a busy tourism hub to enjoy tenerife beaches and not have to travel far, then you should definitely stay in the South. This area is full of resorts and restaurants.

More specifically, ideal areas in the South of Tenerife include, Los Gigantes, Los Cristianos, and Costa Adeje.

It is perfect for a family or group of friends who want to beach hop and have everything near by and are not that interested in renting a car.

On the contrary, if you would like to travel and move around a lot, then definitely consider staying in the North. This is more adventurous and for the active traveler. Ideal areas to stay in the North are Santa Cruz de Tenerife (capital and city but not beachy), Puerto de La Cruz (stayed here and loved it, beaches right nearby), and La Laguna (beautiful pueblo near the capital).

The North offers Anaga rural park, more beaches, and incredible views after various hikes. You can also easily go to the South but it is a drive away.

The North of the island also offers a much less touristy vibe as it is more residential. Therefore, it is quieter in that sense.

Tenerife beaches in the North

These are the Tenerife beaches in the North of the island.

Playa de Las Teresitas

tenerife beaches - teresitas beach

This beach is super beautiful and is one of the most popualar Tenerife beaches on the island. It is known for its soft sand and crystal clear water with beautiful lush mountains in the background.

Playa de Las Teresitas is one of the best beaches because it is also super safe. The waves are almost nonexistent thanks to the rocky border that is used as a walkway in the middle of the ocean.

You might also see a cruise or two deeper in the water. The views are incredible and there is a bunch of food restaurants of local Tenerife cuisine to eat near by. Feel free to dive in! (pun intended)

The sand is also particularly special, it was brought in from the Moroccan Saharan desert. Residents were intially hesitant of this beach because they thought the sand might have bugs and scorpions from the Sahara.

Now it is looked at as a benefit to have sand as soft as a pillow 🙂

If you like to dance be there on Sunday, locals like to dance salsa during the day to unwind, around lunch time.

Playa de las Teresitas is a great option for families, friends, couples, and pretty much everyone and anyone who wants to enjoy a fantastic day on the beach in Tenerife.

Gaviotas beach

tenerife beaches - gavillotas beach

This beach is a little tricky to get to but definitely worth the hassle. The black sand from old and rocky brown cliffs is a treat at Playa de Las Gaviotas. It is also down a very steep narrow hill so its conveniently not super packed. It is known to be low key.

With that being said, expect to see a few people nude. Above this article, I referenced Spain beach behavior postcso you can be informed, make sure you check that out.

To arrive at this beach, it is best to drive. You can technically walk here but it is not a pleasant or convenient walk because there is no direct trail or side walk. It is also about an hour walk from Teresitas to Gavillotas compared to a 8 minute car ride.

It is doable to walk but please note it is safer to go in a car since the roads are so thin and it is up and down hills.

At Gaviotas beach, the water is nice and warm and the waves are mild. This beach is named after the seagulls that are constantly flying around the area.

Benijo beach

Located in the north eastern part of Tenerife in Taganana, Benijo beach is one for the books! It is a local favorite and is often overlooked by the tourists.

You won’t find a lot of people here usually which adds to the charm. Benijo has a super relaxing atmosphere and the most beautiful mountain views. That’s what’s so lovely about Spain in general, there’s tons of Spanish mountain regions to explore..

It is an awesome place to catch a sunset.

This beach is ideal for surfing. Therefore, the waves aren’t very calm in this beach, expect bigger waves and the water to not be shallow. Pay attention to the flag symbols as it can be dangerous to swim at certain times.

Do note, people don’t really “swim” at Benijo, more play with waves if you are going to go into the water.

Since this beach is located in a village, I recommend spending the day in this part of Taganana.

You can go to beach, go for a walk and then have lunch. I recommend eating at “Restaurante La Ola” located at Playa Roque de las Bodegas, 12 Taganana 38130.

Everything was delicious. If you’d like food recommendations you can order the black seafood rice and the shells stuffed with fish.

Roque de las Bodegas Beach

This beach is located in the Anaga rural park. It is in one of the busier beaches of Taganana since there are significantly smaller waves.

You should still proceed with caution as the waves can change in a second. You’ll quickly notice Bodegas doesn’t have any of the big beach amenities such as showers and kiosks.

It contributes to the quiet vibe and small crowds you’ll find here.

Conveniently enough there are restaurants to choose from outside of this beach that offers fresh fish. It is authentic to this area so make sure you check it out.

El Bolullo beach

If you are looking for another secluded beach, definitely add El Bolullo to the top of your list. It is near La Orotava and Puerto de La Cruz. Once arriving you’ll realize the epic cliffs and views that Bolullo has to offer, a must visit!

To arrive by car, you can leave your car at El Bolullo restaurant. If you don’t have a car, you can take about a 40 minute walk through various banana farms or if leaving from Puerto De La Cruz, walking along side of the beach.

Playa Martianez

Another hidden gem, Playa Martianez is great to enjoy black sand beach views. Though other beaches have black sand, Martianez views makes it super special.

The waves are great, this is a very well known beach with surfers. In fact, you can even learn how to surf at Playa Martianez. The surf school in the area is called “La Marea surf school” and prices start at 35 euros – 150 euros.

What better place to learn how to surf than on a volcanic island?

If you find the waves are too much, definitely check out Lago Martianez. It is a ¨lake¨ where you can go relax. Entry is 5.50 euros.

It looks like a pool but its beach water they’ve piped in to form a little resort in Puerto de La Cruz of Tenerife. There’s restaurants and bars on premise so it’s a perfect thing to do to enjoy the sunny day and everyone is entertained.

Masca beach

Are you an outdoor lover?! Then Masca beach is absolutely for you!! You need to work to get there, by that I mean you can only get there by hiking down the canyon or by taking a boat from Los Gigantes.

To hike Masca you can walk all the way down the canyon through the village to reach the beach. Once you arrive at the beach you can then take the ferry from Masca to Los Gigantes to return.

If that is to extreme for you than make sure you take the boat route both ways.

Hike or ferry, both options for views are great. This can be very busy thing to do in Tenerife so make sure you consider booking in advance if traveling during busy season.

Antequera beach

tenerife beaches - antequera

Antequera is one of the best beaches in Tenerife since it is the hardest to get to. It is in great condition and is known for its incredible landscape.

This beach can be reached by walking or boat. To walk, it is around a 4 hour hike that is marked as difficult. The trail isn’t the best and is suggested you are in excellent physical condition to complete it.

To arrive by boat, you need to take the boat ride from San Andres or Santa Cruz.

This is an amazing quiet place to watch a sunset and relax for the day, nude. Nudism is practiced in Antequera.

Consider tides if visiting Antequera, if the tides are high there is no where to walk or sun bathe since the beach is small.

Playa Jardin

This beach is located in Puerto de La Cruz and is famous for its black sand. Jardin beach is part of the other beaches in town: Playa Chica and Punta brava.

It is located near the Loro Parque zoo attraction and is in the center of town. Due to its convenience, there are always visitors.

The beach is 700 meters long and has plenty of room for crowds. Jardin offers special history to the town, it was reuilt by Cesar Manrique, a famous Canarian artist.

Playa sorocco

A beach for both swimmers and surfers. Sorocco beach offers great water quality and good services, so much that it was awarded a blue flag.

Take in the precious Northern views and unwind here. Traveling to Sorocco is also not that complicated, you can easily walk or drive to the beach.

If you are arriving by car, you can take the main road north that is C-820 and go all the way down to beach after you see the San Pedro look out point.

Sorocco offersbasic beach amenities and is in Los Realejos area.

The best Tenerife beaches in the North

The best Tenerife beaches in the North are:

  1. Playa de Las Teresitas – the best views in town, beach is great for families, calm waters and soft sand, lots of amenities
  2. Benijo beach – super scenic, best place to catch the sunset, calm beach thats not too touristy, great for water sports
  3. Playa de Las Gavillotas – secluded, amazing mountain views, great for nudity

Tenerife beaches black sand

Tenerife is an island that is full of black sand beaches. The beaches in Tenerife that are natural, are made up of real black sand from the volcanoes.

Why are there black sand beaches in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the Canary islands in Spain that is a result of volcanic eruptions. As a result, over time and more eruptions, the ocean water caused volcanic rocks to be broken down into black sand.

This definitely gives the beaches an awesome vibe. It’s honestly a true part of history.

Tenerife golden sand beaches

The beaches in Tenerife that have golden sand have been man made. The sand is imported from the Saharan desert. This was done on purpose to make the beaches more aesthetically pleasing to visitors.

Tenerife beaches south

Playa Del Duque

tenerife beaches - playa del duque

El Duque beach is in a fancier part of the South of Tenerife, in Adeje. This area is perfect for the classic luxury vacation. In Playa El Duque, you’ll find award winning five star hotels and resorts along with restaurants and boutiques near by. The sand is soft and pale yellow. There are tons of things to do in the area as you have the promenade close.

El Duque beach is for the traveler who wants to stay put relaxing but has tons of options of things to do nearby incase they get bored.

Troya I and Troya II

Troya 1 and 2 are the most famous beaches of Costa Adeje. This place is insanely amazing for tranquility. The waves are super calm which makes it an awesome place to have some fun in the sun with the kids.

Troya 1 and 2 have the blue flag for the water, this means its a great and safe place to swim, the water is good. You’ll find tons of families in the area. They also offer an extensive list of services such as hammock rentals, a tourism office, bars, restaurants, and more!

If you are looking for more of a vibe in the area, go to the Avenida Maritima, there you’ll find lots of optioons for restaurants, hotels, malls, and a taxi stop. This is a nice place to stay.

Playa El Camisón

El Camison is located in Arona of Tenerife. It is nearby Las Vistas beach, to get there it a few minutes walking. The waters at El Camison are mild and very calm since there are breakwaters that keep the swimming conditions great.

El Camison offers a lot of services on premise, so if you are looking for an easy day at the beach with the family, consider this beach. Not to mention, it is also in a resort area, this is great to have everything close by.

The water is calm and the sand is golden. Just like during the day, this area of Arona offers lots to do both day and night. To arrive to the beach you will park your car and walk or arrive by foot with the innercity bus.

Las Vistas beach

Las Vistas beach stands for the views beach in English and with that being said expect this beach to be busy.

It is one of the best beaches in the island of Tenerife, not just the south. Pro tip, get there early to avoid the crowds and to claim your spot on the beach. 🙂

As it is super popular, expect tons of restaurant options, ice cream shops, and lots of malls. If you feel like you might need a beach break, make sure you stop at the Tenerife Royal Gardens. It’s easiest to get to Las Vistas with a car.

Playa Fañabe

Fañabé beach is located in the center of Costa Adeje. This is one of the most busiest beaches in the area. It is super well known for partying. In Fañabé, you’ll find lots of beach clubs to choose from. Alot of the clubs in Fañabé play electronic music and serve alcohol.

This is an area thats always busy so if you don’t drink, feel free to sit down and people watch. There is tons of action in the area. You can also go shopping by the promenade where you’ll find options for shops and restaurants.

Fañabé might sound familiar since it is right next door to Playa Troya. The water is great and has a blue flag promising good water conditions. The sand is also light yellow so you won’t get burnt like you do in the black volcanic sand.

El Medano beach

tenerife beaches - el medano beach

The famous El Medano beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife. On premise, you have the gorgeous red volcanic cone that is called Montaña Roja (Red mountain in english) and the soft fine grey sand.

If you are looking for a gorgeous beach in Tenerife thats super picturesque, make sure you stop here even if its only for pictures. It’s so beautiful, it’s worth it!

El Medano offers wind & waves so its perfect for water sport fans.

If you traveling with family, El Medano is still a great option since the part thats close to Granadilla de Abon has much smaller waves. This area is also filled with shops, eateries, and bars so you’ll have options on where to eat and what to do in the area.

This beach has good water conditions so expect it to have a blue flag and typical beach amenities like chairs, showers, and bathrooms.

Puerto Santiago beach

Puerto Santiago is a local hidden gem, it is also known as ¨playa chica¨ due to its small size. It has black sand and is a local favorite to go for a quick swim before or after lunch.

What makes Puerto Santiago is its local charm. Come here and you’ll be in the center of a fishers village with spectacular views of La Gomera. It’s one of those super special Tenerife beaches.

If you happen to be traveling to Puerto Santiago during the summer, try to get there early. It can get crowded in the summer and there aren’t many sun umbrellas they offer. Try to bring your own umbrella if you can.

There’s also the famous event of San Juan summer bonfires that happens on June 23rd. San Juan is a midsummer festival that is celebrated world wide. This can be a great way to immerse yourself in local Spain traditions.

While you are in the area, make sure you make a stop at 2 of the famous restaurants: La Pergola and The Fisherman’s Inn. They both serve local authentic Canarian food. Try the wrinkled potatoes and fresh caught fish.

To get there you can arrive by car or by public bus line 493 or 473. It is right nearby Los Gigantes.

Los Cristianos beach

tenerife beaches - los cristianos

Los Cristianos beach is an OG in the Tenerife beaches game, it was one of the very first beaches to receive tourists in the 1960s. The ambience at Los Cristianos is great because they blend the beach vibes with the town of Arona.

It is known as an urban beach with great quality. The sand is golden and the water is calm. You can expect to find families and water sport lovers alike in the area.

If you happen to get bored feel free to go for a stroll to visit any of the shops or restaurants on the strip. To get to Los Cristianos, you can either drive theres around 100 parking spots or an innercity bus and walk from the stop.

Las Arenas beach

Las Arenas is the go to beach for families in the South. It has the blue flag which guarantees water quality and your ideal beach amenities. In addition to that, there are tons of family friendly hotels in the area.

This makes Las Arenas an ideal option to have a base for an active family looking to entertain the kids with outdoor activities. There are restaurant and shopping options nearby at the promenade.

It has black sand and not to meniton has awesome views of La Gomera.

If you are looking for great views, this might just be your favorite beach! Sunset is ridiculous at Las Arenas, grab a seat and make sure to enjoy the view really.

La Tejita

red volcanic rock at la tejita

La Tejita is gorgeous and special since it has red volcanic rock, this isn’t seen in many places in Tenerife. It is located near Montaña Roja (red mountain) nature reserve.

The water is super clear and great for water sports such as surfing and snorkeling.

The Montaña Roja helps bring in privacy with the mountains so do expect to see some nudity here. This is one of the more secluded beaches in the South.

Abama beach

Abama beach is one of the prettiest beaches in the South of Tenerife. It’s not that big but people love Abama for its low tides and extremely calm waters. This is due to the wave breaker that was created so feel free to go for long peaceful swims here.

Abama is also one of the best places to catch a sunset in Tenerife. Reason being, it has protection from the cliffs and has an awesome view of the nearby Canary island, La Gomera.

This beach is easy to get to since its in between the towns of Marazul and Playa San Juan. It’s easier to arrive here by car since you have to park your car at the Ritz Carlton hotel and walk for 10 minutes. Public transportation is possible but will just mean a longer trip to the beach.

If you get hungry in the area, make sure you stop at the Ritz Carlton Abama. They run the beach restaurant in the area so expect super delicious food by the water!

Los Guios

Los Guios is near the famous village of Los Gigantes. This is a super special place due to the intense views of the Los Gigantes Canyons.

The sand is black volcanic sand and the waters are calm, making this another great option for families to enjoy.

Torviscas beach

Torviscas beach is one of the biggest and busiest Tenerife beaches on the South of the island. If you are looking a perfect place to take in some sun and to relax, Torviscas beach is an awesome option.

It isn’t quiet, but for people who like to be somewhere with ambience, there’s lots to do. One can practice water sports, have a freshing cocktail, or relax and do nothing. Your pick 🙂

At Torviscas you have your main beach amenities like sun chairs, toilets, restaurants, and more.

The sandis pale yellow similar to Fañabé beach. You can access Torviscas by foot or by car. There is also intercity bus service available.

La Pinta beach

La Pinta beach has a great location that conveniently gives the ocean calm waters, it is located by Puerto Colon in the town of Adeje. The beach has super soft beautiful golden sand.

It’s great for families because at La Pinta beach there are tons of water sports. These activities aren’t for only adventurous people, it’s fun easy stuff for the kids. You’ll find things like castles and slides on the water.

It has the basic amenities like chairs, showers, and umbrellas to rent. Incase you get bored at La Pinta, go over to the promenade nearby. This gives you tons of options on other things to do.

Tenerife beaches black sand – The best

Best beaches Tenerife south

views of tenerife beach

The best Tenerife beaches in the South of the island are:

  1. Tejita beach – offers great views, has special red volcanic rock
  2. El Medano beach – for water sport lovers or people who want to go for a nice walk on the beach, also great for sunsets
  3. Playa Del Duque – calm water and soft sand, perfect for families who want to relax

The Best Beaches in Tenerife for families

The best beaches for families are ones where the water is super safe for kids to swim and the sand is soft. For this reason, the best beaches in Tenerife for families are Teresitas beach, La Arena, La Pinta, Los Guios, El Camison,and Troya 1 and Troya 2.

All of these beaches mentioned have low tides, great sand, and are exceptionally great for families to enjoy a day in the sun!

Tenerife beaches conclusion

You have tons of options on this list to enjoy the best Tenerife beaches. I am more than confident you have something you can enjoy here. Tenerife is a Spain travel destination for everyone and anyone. Make sure you enjoy it, happy exploring!

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