tipping in spain

Tipping in Spain: Here’s how much you should tip

Travelling is an amazing experience, but navigating foreign cultures and customs can be tricky. One particular custom that may leave the average traveller scratching their heads is tipping in Spain.

Although it’s not strictly necessary, understanding the tipping culture of a country you’re visiting goes a long way towards making your trip even more enjoyable.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss all you need to know about what type of service workers receive tips in Spain and how much should be given.

Don’t worry- by the end of this post, you’ll have no problem deciding when (and when not!) to tip on your next Spanish getaway!

What are the rules on tipping in Spain and tipping culture?

tipping in spain

Overall, the short answer is there are no formal rules on tipping in Spain. It is completely optional and personal to the service you receive.

Therefore, it comes down to the person who’s paying and if they think it’s worth it to tip.

For context, as someone who has been traveling through Spain for 5 years, I tip when I think it was good service. That’s with anything service wise: hair, food, delivery, taxi drivers, etc.

Tipping is welcomed and very appreciated but alot of wait staff wont expect tips.

This is because restaurant workers and other service jobs in Spain get paid a living wage. This is different in other countries where people only make a living when people are tipping.

Be aware of any additional charges that may be added to your bill

Other services that might appear on your bill are a service charge or table service for terrazas. This is when a bar charges you for sitting outside vs inside. Yes it’s a thing in Spain!

You will also be charged for bread and water so if you want tap make sure to specify.

Is tipping in Spain neccessary and expected?

While tipping is definitely appreciated, it is not neccessary nor expected. Tipping tour guides is one of the rare outside of the free walking tours.

Outside of that, the only time people might expect a small tip in Spain is if you’re in a fine dining restaurant.

This isn’t because the food is expensive, it’s because it’s exceptional service in these places and you want to show your gratitude. It’s not neccessary though so again, it’s your call.

Free walking tour guides will expect a tip in the end of the tour. This is one of the only services that work this way in Spain.

How much is the standard for tipping in Spain?

tipping in spain

The general rule for how much gratuity in Spain is around 5-10% of the total bill. This usually comes out to a few euros or a few coins.

If you want to be generous simply leave 15% or more. Most spaniards leave around 5-10% though.

Some other common ways people tip is rounding up the bill. For example, if the bill comes out to €13.50, you would simply round up and pay €15. This gesture is appreciated but not mandatory.

Is it rude not tipping in Spain?

It is not rude to not tip in Spain. Spain does not have the same tipping concept in America or the UK. Unfortunately, in the United States, you’re mostly paying a tip because thats how the service industry makes a living.

When Do You Tip?

You tip in Spain when you think the service was great. That’s common practice. Unfortunately sometimes the service industry in Spain can be very slow.

I recommend looking up reviews and feedback to check out any services you’re interested in. This will give you some feedback of the place before hand so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Should I tip taxi drivers in Spain?

You can tip your taxi driver in Spain if you found them to be very helpful. As mentioned before tipping is optional and personal to the service you receive.

Try to have cash, most businesses prefer cash tips.

Should I tip my bartender in Spain?

It’s up to you and if you liked the service. Bartenders get a salary.

In general, tips are not expected in Spanish culture.

While there may be exceptions for certain services such as guided tours and tour guides, tips are usually not necessary in restaurants in Spain or bars.

Should I tip my tourguide in Spain

If you are taking a free walking tour in Spain or in any European city, you should definitely tip. The free walking tour is how the tour guide makes money.

This is one of the only situations you’ll see people working like this in Spain. You can tip atleast 10 euros and up per person, I would leave half off that if you’re with children.

Whats tipping in Spain like for hotels and room service?

It is not necessary to tip hotel staff unless they go above and beyond what their job requires.

For example, if housekeeping cleans your room exceptionally well or a waiter at an on-site restaurant provides outstanding service, then leaving a small gratuity would be appreciated but not required.

Room service in hotel is also a moment where you would leave a tip for great service.

How Should You Tip in Spain?

When it comes to tipping etiquette in Spain, cash is always best! Especially for small tips. You also want to pay in the local currency not us dollar or other foreign currency.

You can always ask if you can add tip on your card but I’ve found that most places prefer cash and they might not accept your tip on the credit card machine.

I’m not sure the reasoning for this but I suppose it’s so it gets to the right person. Try to have cash on you!

Tipping in Canary islands

One of the biggest tourist destinations in Spain is the Canary islands and the Balearic islands. Though it won’t be mandatory, in these parts of Spain it will be expected more.

This is because of the peak tourism. Basically the more touristic the place is, the more you’ll be expected to tip. Again it’s ultimately your decision if you want to leave a tip or not.


Even though tipping isn’t expected in Spain like it may be in other European countries, being aware of some of these customs can help ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

If it was great service, definitely feel compelled to leave tips!

We hope this blog post helps you so that you can make the most out of your visit.

Whether it’s rounding up taxi fares or leaving extra money for exceptional service at restaurants in Spain, knowing when and how much money to give will help keep things easy and stress-free for both travelers and locals alike. Happy travels!

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