Welcome aboard! My full name is Brittany but please call me Britt. I’m here to help you travel better, find new music, and for now see what Spain, the US, and Europe have to offer. 

You’re probably wondering why Spain? And the truth is I was always curious about Spain living in the US. Eventually I met my Spanish boyfriend (story for another day) and then moved here in 2019. (can’t deny love makes you do crazy things right?)

Now, you might even be wondering why music too? Music is powerful. Yet, so is travel – I believe both have the intense power to connect people and teach people things. As an avid music listener I want to share my top picks with you in hopes you enjoy it too.

While I am not working, I am traveling. This blog tells you everything you need to know about those adventures. But most importantly, how you can plan them too.  This blog is meant to educate and inform people on:

  • Spain travel destinations and details about life in Spain
  • music recommendations 
  • key expat information, travel tips, and travel how to’s
  • foods recipes from around the world 
A source I wish I would’ve had when planning my travels – a true travel resource. I have been traveling as much as I can since 2016. After school, I needed to find a deeper meaning to life than working a pretty terrible job and sacrificing my youth. Within the past 6 years I have learned more about life, myself, and dreams than any job could’ve ever taught me.

I’m big on travel because it’s genuinely changed my life and I know it can change yours too. That sounds cliche and dramatic but I’m not exageratting or trying to be corny. 🙂 I know travel and adventure can change your life too, if you let it. 

Now who’s ready for an adventure? 

Cuenca, Spain

music style

While music taste does vary, the majority of music genres that will be discussed on this site are:

  • Contemporary R&B, Alternative R&B, Jazz, Soul, Rhythm
  • House, Minimal, Dance/Electronic, Ambient, Some Techno (if it’s not too dark), Dub
  • Rap, Hip Hop, Trip-Hop
  • Alternative Rock, Folk
  • Reggaeton, Latin Pop, a little Flamenco
  • Reggae and a bit of American Pop 

travel style

Being an expat makes travel not only easier, but cheaper! (highly recommend living abroad once in life)

Give or take, I´m on the road about once a month. 

  • For now TXB will be focusing on travel destinations within the US, Spain, and other European countries. 

Learn more about how this travel lifestyle started.