Oh hey, It’s so nice to have you here! Welcome aboard. My full name is Brittany but please call me Britt. A born and raised New Yorker, turned Jersey girl, turned globetrotter that eventually landed me in Madrid, Spain.

The Spanish capital I now call home. Olè!

This blog is meant to educate and inform people on:

  • Spain travel destinations
  • music recommendations of many genres
  • share key expat information
  • foods recipes/creations from around the world 
  • lifestyle topics & actionable tips
Cuenca, Spain

If you’re wondering how I got here, I’ll tell ya! 4 years ago in 2016, I made a decision to no longer commit to things that didn’t bring me joy.

I traded the security of a 9-5 and packed many, many, bags to be an English teacher abroad in Thailand. 

Many around me were confused. They didn’t get why the comfort zone was being abandoned.

Looking from the outside in, my life seemed great. However there was a huge void for growth and adventure.

I  knew I had to go somewhere different to experience the change I was yearning for. 

And that’s what I did. I solo traveled to learn, and the more I learned on my own..

the more I fell in love with travel, and the harder I worked to be able to continue this lifestyle. 

I’m here to share all the information I know in hopes it genuinely helps you get to your final destination easier. 

From time to time, we’ll spice it up in our kitchens with foods from around the globe.

Many jobs later, I have been blessed enough to visit 18 countries, living in 3, and have attended countless number of music events abroad. 

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music style

While music taste does vary, the majority of music genres that will be discussed on this site are:

  • Contemporary R&B, Alternative R&B, Jazz, Soul, Rhythm
  • House, Minimal, Dance/Electronic, Ambient, Some Techno (if it’s not too dark), Dub
  • Rap, Hip Hop, Trip-Hop
  • Alternative Rock, Folk
  • Reggaeton, Latin Pop, a little Flamenco
  • Reggae and a bit of American Pop 

travel style

Being an expat makes travel not only easier, but cheaper! (highly recommend living abroad once in life)

Give or take, I´m on the road about once a month. 

  • For now TXB will be focusing on travel destinations within Spain. 

what you'll find on this blog

Cascada del Purgatorio, Madrid, Spain

~Travel topics, expat and important travel information.

~Step by step destination guides and how I planned my experiences. Prices, details, insight. 

~Recommendations on local information (Hikes, local tips, restaurants, nightlife, day trips, markets, etc.)

~Music resources and music recommendations to help you discover new music.

~Music events and festivalsMy reviews on these events and how you can make it happen if you’re interested.

~Actionable lifestyle tips.

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