Welcome aboard! I’m Britt a seasoned traveler and I’m here to help you travel better. I spend my time between Spain and the United States and I am here to help Americans & others plan their trip of a lifetime.

I’m a big believer that knowledge is power and I like to help travelers know everything they need to know BEFORE they arrive at their travel destination ! After reading my travel guides, you’ll feel prepared and knowledgable on what to expect but most importantly how to enjoy your vacation to the maximum. I know if you have the best travel tips at hand, you’ll feel more than confident taking the world by storm.

Traveling better is around the corner, you’ll quickly learn that your dream trip is only a flight away with these epic travel guides !

How did we get here? Let’s rewind back to 2016. After getting my Bachelor’s degree, I needed to find a much deeper meaning to life outside of working a job I didn’t really like, sacrificing my youth, and worstly not taking any risks in life. I became a digital nomad in 2018 to work remote and dedicate more time to travel. In 2019 this website was born to help others travelers. I love helping travelers through my real life experiences and creating travel content for my community!

Within the past 6 years, travel has taught me more about life, myself, and dreams than any job could’ve ever taught me. This website is meant to spread the wisdom by teaching old and brand new travelers everything they need to know too.  Here are other things this blog is meant to educate and inform people on:

  • Spain travel, Spanish culture, life in Madrid
  • Travel destinations and details about living abroad
  • key expat information, Europe travel tips, and travel how to’s
  • foods recipes from around the world
  • music recommendations & music trends

I’m so big on travel because it’s genuinely changed my life and I know it can change yours too.

Now who’s ready for an adventure?

Cuenca, Spain

Music style

While music taste does vary, the majority of music genres that will be discussed on this site are:

  • Contemporary R&B, Alternative R&B, Jazz, Soul, Rhythm
  • House, Minimal, Dance/Electronic, Ambient, Some Techno (if it’s not too dark), Dub
  • Rap, Hip Hop, Trip-Hop
  • Alternative Rock, Folk
  • Reggaeton, Latin Pop, a little Flamenco
  • Reggae and a bit of American Pop

Travel style

Being an expat makes travel not only easier, but cheaper! (highly recommend living abroad once in life)

Give or take, I’m traveling about once a month.

  • For now TXB will be focusing on travel destinations within the US, Spain, and other European destinations.

Learn more about how this travel lifestyle started.