travel from corfu to albania

How to Travel from Corfu to Albania: The Ultimate Travel Guide

If you’re looking to travel from Corfu to Albania, you’re in for a treat! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about making the journey and ensure it’s an easy, stress-free experience.

We’ll cover topics such as transportation options, costs, times, border crossings, and what to do when you arrive in Albania.

You definitely want to prepare for this trip so read on for all the information you need!

How to travel from Corfu to Albania?

travel from corfu to albania
Saranda port terminal

The first step is to decide how you’re going to travel from Corfu to Albania. You’ll have 2 options: ferry or flight. The most popular option is the ferry, it’s the quickest and cheapest way to travel between the two countries.

It all depends on where you are trying to go in Albania though. You’ll need to figure out your destination in Albania to see what makes the most sense. For example, you can fly into Tirana from Corfu, but if you’re planning to stay in Saranda, then it makes the most sense to take the ferry.

Figure out your next destination in Albania from Corfu and plan accordingly for the best travel option.

Corfu to Tirana flights can be direct but not always. Upon searching, the quickest options at this moment (6/24) are flights that average 4-5 hours with 1 layover.

The closest airport to Saranda is Tirana or Corfu so if you are trying to explore anything north I would recommend flying into Tirana from Corfu.

Can you take a ferry from Greece to Albania?

Yes! There are several ferry options from Greece to Albania. The main ferry companies are Finikas Lines, Ionian Seaways, Joy Lines, and Sarris Cruise & Lines. Finikas Lines & Ionian seaways are partners so a lot of their offerings are the same.

You also have 2 options for boats: the speed boat with 30 minutes travel time or a regular ferry with 1 hour 10 minutes travel time.

Saranda is where you arrive if you take the ferry into Albania. It is a very popular beach area with great seafood. For good reason, it’s gorgeous and the Albanian coast is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Travel from Corfu to Albania Ferry costs and important information

travel from corfu to albania
Finikas Lines and the workers docking the ferry

To take the ferry from Corfu to Albania, here’s everything you need to know.

Corfu ferry information

You need to get to the ferry port in Corfu to complete this trip to Albania first. Most people when traveling in Corfu rent a car. If you do, you can try to make your car rental reservation with a drop-off at the port.

You will pay a fee for a different drop-off but this fee will probably cost similar to a cab ride to the port.

In case you don’t rent a car or this drop-off isn’t possible, you can always get a cab. Uber isn’t feasible in Corfu so ask your hotel to help you get a cab if you are having trouble finding one.

A cab ride from the port to the airport will cost 20 euros. Try to have cash as most cabs don’t always accept cards for payment.

Some other travel options to get to Corfu Ferry port:

  • Bus Line 15 – it costs around 1.20 euros and the journey time varies depending on where you are leaving from. From Corfu old town to the port will be around 10-15 minutes.
  • Walk if you are staying in Kerkyra. This isn’t always the easiest option but if you travel light, it’s only a 20-minute walk, around 1.5 km distance.

Travel from Corfu to Albania ferry providers

I highly recommend booking on Direct Ferries. It’s an awesome comparison website, just like a Skyscanner/Expedia, but for ferries. I use it myself and love it.

You can also book directly with any of the local ferry companies: Finikas Lines, Ionian Seaways, Joy Lines, and Sarris Cruise & Lines. Here are the different prices and seasonal calendars for each ferry line:

Finikas Lines & Ionian Seaways:

Adult price low season: 19 euros one way/ 38 euros round trip. High season: 23.80 euro one way/ (12 years old+) or 47.60 euros round trip.

Joy Lines:

Adult price low season: 18 euros/ 36 round trip. High season: 23 euros/ 44 euros round trip.

Sarris Cruise & Lines

Adult price low season: 20 euros one way/ 40 euros round trip, same for high season.

Kids price: 8-10 euros low season or 16-20 euros round trip, 10-13 euros high season one way or 20-26 euros round trip (Under 12 years old).

Can you do a day trip to Albania from Corfu?

Corfu old town

Absolutely! With Corfu and Albania being so close that’s a great way to see more while saving on accommodation.

For you to make this possible and stress-free, here are some things to consider when planning. Consider only visiting Saranda. That’s the closest place to the ferry port and a great option to enjoy the seaside.

The last thing you want is to take more transportation when you are only there for a few hours.

Consider how much time you want to spend in Albania on this day trip. Next, consider being at the ferry port for the first ferry ride of the day. This way you literally have the whole day and can enjoy it with no rush.

Where are you staying in Corfu? If you are staying more than 1 hour away from the port and you are not renting a car, it might be complicated and expensive to take a cab all the way there and back.

It also might not make sense to you if it will take you more than 2 hours just to get to and from the port for a day trip. Remember taking the ferry is 1 hour with the speed boat round trip or 2 hours 20 minutes on the ferry.

How far is Albania from Corfu by boat?

From Corfu to Albania, the exact distance is only 35 kilometers. It’s a super short trip if you actually think about it. That’s why this route is so popular because it’s an easy one!

Remember you have two options, the quick boat 30 minutes or the ferry 1 hour 10 minutes. Pick whichever option is convenient for you. If you are looking for other European destinations, make sure you check out Spain travel destinations.

What are the covid-19 restrictions on traveling from Corfu to Albania?

At this moment (6/24), both countries have stopped their covid entry requirements and mandatory passenger locator form.

Do note, that it’s the traveler’s responsibility to stay informed about covid-19 and it’s best to check the government websites. Things can change quickly.


travel from corfu to saranda

I hope you enjoyed reading about how to travel from Corfu to Albania. If you’ve noticed, it is actually a pretty easy route. You just need to plan a bit so you know what to expect. Luckily, like the traveler you are, you’re already doing just that!

Thanks for reading and happy traveling! 🙂

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