Here’s 5 reasons to give you more of a reason to pick Spain as your next destination​

Ahhh, yes – the sun, the beach, the Mediterranean lifestyle. What’s not to like? Before I ever went to visit Spain I had a feeling I’d love it. 

It’s honestly one of my favorite places out of the 18 countries I’ve been to thus far. 

I even managed to fall in love with a Spaniard and moved to Madrid. Talk about getting immersed in the culture!!

Anyways, this isn’t about me. It’s about you! I’m here to tell you what Spain is like so you can put it on your next destination list (if it’s not on there already). 

I feel like other cities outside of Madrid and Barcelona are a bit underestimated or get skipped. So many lively and amazing places to see here other than those 2 cities. 

With so many positives that Spain has, I believe you will gladly put this country on your destination list. If you are not convinced yet, here’s 5 reasons to do the talking.

Map of the Comunidad Autonomas in Spain

1. The weather

The weather – Here’s a map of Spain. There’s 17 “Comunidades de Autonomas,” and two “Ciudades de Autonomas that are on the bottom.” 

Think of these like states if you’re familiar with the USA. Plenty of these regions are sunny and hardly get any rain. Similar to most countries though, the North is always the coldest/rainiest and the south is always the hottest. 

If you are looking for great weather with no exceptions, shoot for regions in southern Castilla y Leon, southern Aragon, southern Cataluna, and below. 

In other words, anything right next to Madrid and below is a safe bet. In the summer the North does get hotter but I wouldn’t really consider it the perfect beach day in June.

2. The people

The people – The people here are very nice. Like very, very, very nice. That was something to get used to because in America, you just don’t trust people and you question everyone. 

Not only are the people here good looking, but they are kind, generous, and very helpful. If you are lost or need something, simply just ask. People will help. 

They are so kind to one another and to other people. It’s also quite normal to be thanked alot. They thank you besides you thanking them. 

That I think is one of the sweetest things on this planet. I always flutter when I hear a Spaniard say “gracias a ti!” (thanks to you) 

How often do you hear that nowadays? Before arriving here, that was something I didn’t really ever come across. They also say “guapa” and “guapo” often which means beautiful/handsome. So sweet!

3. the food

By far one of the best places I have ever been to in regards to the cuisine. Olive oil, wine, jamon, lomo, tomatoes, cheese, seafood, paella, postres. 

Ahhhh, the list really goes on and on. I love tapas and the fact that you can eat a bunch of different things at all once. So here’s a fun story. 

Tapas started as a way for people to not get so intoxicated. Back in the day the tale is that workers wouldn’t get back to work because they would fall asleep after drinking too much. 

Instead tapas helped remain a balance with some food in your belly so you get intoxicated much slower.

Another thing I absolutely LOVE about eating in Spain is that people have so much respect for food. They have an amazing diet! 

It is also an event when you have a meal with your loved ones. I’m so used to rushing and eating, even skipping meals. 

Now when I have lunch I am fully present when I’m eating with my loved ones. It is all an event and it’s a really fun event to just appreciate and enjoy your food instead of rushing it. 

4. the accessibility to other places

Spain is in such an awesome part of the world. If you look at its neighboring countries France, Portugal, and Morocco are right near by. 

Not considering that it’s also in Europe, you can go to a lot of countries easily and for pretty cheap. Whether it’s the train, flixbus, or plane flight, it’s easy, affordable, and accessible travel. 

My round trip to Marrakech was not even $100. In addition, there is SO much to see in Spain which is amazing. This calls for easy to get to day and weekend trips. 

Whether you want to rent a car (that is pretty cheap) or take a train, it’s very doable and not expensive. 


No country is perfect but one thing I can definitely say about Spain is they know how to live and enjoy life. Coming from somewhere that is very fast paced and very stressful as America, they have a much better balance here. 

The people in Spain have a very calm and care free attitude. One of the biggest mottos they have here are “no pasa nada.” Which translates “nothing happens,” they also have a saying that “prisa mata” meaning “rush kills.” 

I respect this so much because everything i’ve ever learned was to stress and to have a stressful life. I enjoy the fact that life is truly enjoyed here. 

I hope you make it to Spain! It is a lovely country and i’m sure if you visit you will love it too! If you make it there or have visited before, I would love to hear your opinions below. Viva Espana!

I say goodbye with a tune

I leave you with a tune from the Spanish angel herself, Rosala.

Rosalia – A pale 

Press that play


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