what is 8d audio

What is 8d audio and why you need to listen to it now

Listen to 8d audio

In this post you will learn everything you need to know about what 8d audio is, why you need to listen, and why it’s an important music trend.

It is an interesting concept of a new way to stream and listen to music that has gone viral on Youtube. Make sure you take a pair of headphones when you are ready to listen.

Disclaimer: For the sake of enjoying 8d audio to its full potential, it is very, very, very important to please grab a pair of headphones (with both headphones on) to listen to the 8D audio within these links/videos.
It’s almost 99.9% important you put those headphones in for this listening experience so go grab them if they aren’t near right now!

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1. So what is 8D audio?

Audio Alter gives its exact definition:

“8D Audio” is an effect that you can apply to your songs to make it sound like the audio is moving in circles around your head.

This is achieved by adding an automated panning effect alternating from left to right.

To maximize your listening pleasure, a reverb effect is also added to make it seem like the audio is coming from a live concert.


When we listen to most audio, it is a single channel. For example, when we listen to someone speaking over a microphone, that’s single-channel.

That’s great and all, but we have 2 ears, which therefore means we should hear things in 2 channels, not one.

One for each ear. 8D audio gives a 360 feel to the music that lets you feel like you’re literally in the middle of a track.

Ever think about bringing the concert home? With the circumstances now, entertainment at home is a must. Time to create the illusion and feel like you’re literally in the middle of live music.

For further details on the phenomenon of what is 8D audio, please visit these sources:

2. A new technique

what is 8d audio

So what does 8D audio even sound like and feel like? Well, this is where it gets really cool. Listeners can feel the music while listening to music.

This audio effect will make you feel like you are in the middle of an empty room, (think empty dance floor or empty concert venue environment) with the music all around you.

You know when you go to a music event and the speakers are off the HEEZY?! Yep, that’s exactly the sound I’m describing.

If that doesn’t resonate with you, think about if you were walking down the street and sounds were coming from all sorts of directions – North, south, east, west, and you are in the middle.

The difference with this type of audio is that it’s not coming from the outside, it’s coming from your headphones!

3. Is it really 8D audio?

Technically, no but I have a half and half response to that question. The answer is yes, and no.

There is a yes part of this response because there is a clear difference in regular audio and 8D audio.

The main difference is that with 8D audio you hear the music surrounding you in a 360 type of element.

The no aspect of this response is because many have found that it’s not necessarily accurate to claim that it’s a new technology because to summarize, it is not.

We live in a world where it’s 3 dimensional, not 8. 3d objects and technologies have also been around for some time.

There is a big debate that the “correct” terminology for this sound should be 3d audio or spatial sound.

4. Panning

What is panning? Panning has a lot to do with 8D audio. Teach me audio defines panning as:

Panning is the spread of a monaural signal in a stereo or multi-channel sound field – it is critical to the make up of the stereo image.


The reason panning is relevant is that panning is what lets you distribute sounds throughout your headphones.

For example, the momentum of music from your left headphone to the right headphone is details of what composes an 8D audio experience.

It’s the movement and 360 aspects while listening to music.

In addition to panning, there’s more to mention about the 8D audio listening experience.

When you have headphones plugged into both of your ears, you also have equalization.

To summarize equalization, it is the process of changing the frequency components and balance throughout an electronic signal.

Equalization is incredibly popular within a sound recording, but it’s important to note its importance to music overall.

5. What does 8D audio sound like

It’s become a true phenomenon and trend on Youtube. In fact the trend is called 8d audio youtube. Reason being it’s a very popular search.

Here are some videos to check it out.

Now is the time to put on your headphones! 🙂


6. Make your own 8D audio through Audio Alter

Handcrafted in Sweden, Audio Alter is a really cool platform for music creators and lovers.

It is impressive with the tools it has to offer. Here you can make your own 8D audio and songs easily to upload to your ideal destination or to youtube.

In addition to making 8D, you can use Audio Alter for Bass Booster, Converter, Equalizer, Vocal Remover, Trimmer/Cutter, and many more.

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