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Where to eat in Bergen County

As a previous east coaster, I LOVE eating in my hometown area. Theres so many options on where to eat around the Bergen County Area. 

So what’s Bergen County and where’s that? Bergen County is the Northest county in NJ that composes of many towns. 

Specifically, I grew up in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in uptown New York City and 2 suburban towns named Ridgefield and Palisades Park in Northern New Jersey. 

They are both one of the first towns in New Jersey when you cross the George Washington Bridge from New York. Between NYC and Northern NJ, this area knows a thing or 2 about food.

This post tells you everything you need to know about where to eat around Bergen County area. 

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Being that I have been home for the holidays, my mind and belly have quickly been reminded of the places I love here. 

Therefore, I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to food places worthy of recommendations. 

You can’t ever forget your roots and I wanted to share what I know of where to eat near Bergen County area and make it fun! 

These aren’t just recommendations, but also fun places to eat in Bergen county NJ and NYC.

Food is fun to appreciate and I enjoy trying new foods and places, so from my belly to yours, I hope you get to check out these places and most importantly enjoy them! 

Let me know your experiences in the comments below.

table of contents:

  • New York City
  • Fort Lee
  • Palisades Park/Ridgefield
  • Cliffside Park/Fairview 
  • New york city

    Growing up in New York City exposed me to many different kinds of cultures and cuisines. This food recommendation list is starting off where I was born, first, New York City. 

    I grew up in Washington Heights, so we will start off in that neighborhood and work our way towards the rest of New York City. 

    Technically speaking, a lot of people that live in Northern NJ, commute into NYC so this also falls into where to eat near Bergen County because you can make an easy day trip to any of these places if you live in the Northern NJ area. 

    Washington Heights:

    • Mambis: Perfect restaurant for Dominican food. If you are looking for traditional Dominican Mofongo, look no further.

    What to get: The pastelitos that come in chicken, beef, guava and cheese, or cheese and the classic Mofongo, or “tres gulpes” which translates to “three hits.” 

    What’s in the tres gulpes dish is Queso Frito = Fried Cheese, Salami, and Mangu = Boiled plantains, Avocado, and sauteed purple onions.

    Address: 4181 Broadway, New York, NY 10033 and open 24 hours.


    • Floridita: Across the street from Mambis is another option for Cuban and Dominican food. This place makes me feel at home and brings back memories of when I lived in the neighborhood.

    What to get: The classic dish of chicken, rice, and beans, or any of their infamous sandwiches. 

    Website: https://www.floriditanyc.com/

    Address: 4162 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10033


    • Marisco Centro: Known for their seafood, Marisco centro is a favorite in the neighborhood. 

    What to get: Fish and a few sides from their hot plate options and/or shrimp or fish pastellitos. In simpler terms, pastellitos are Dominican empanadas. I love Marisco Centro and they always have great options of fish.

    Website: https://www.mariscocentro.com/

    Address: 1490 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10033


    • Cachapas Y Mas: This is where you go if you are in Washington Heights for authentic Venezuelan street food.

    What to get: The chicken Cachapa or the Chicken Arepa cake sandwich. So good!

    Website: https://cachapasymas.com/

    Address: 107 Dyckman St, New York, NY 10040 


    moving towards the rest of New York City

    These following recommendations are spread out through multiple neighborhoods in New York City.

    • Totto Ramen: Known for their insanely huge portions of delicious Japanese ramen. Come hungry – very, very, hungry. Note: Only takes cash and doesn’t do delivery nor accepts reservations.

    What to get: Ramen! Any flavor of it.

    Website: https://tottoramen.com/menu/

    Address: Midtown West – 366 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019. Note: they have multiple locations in New York.

    • Cafeteria: A 24 hour restaurant known to help let you people watch with a fun take on a diner.

    What to get: “Mac Attack.” It’s literally a serious dish of mac and cheese that is insanely good. Best mac and cheese I’ve ever had is from Cafeteria. Their Calamari salad is also delicious, and so is the mushroom toast.  

    Website: http://cafeteriagroup.com/home/

    Address: 119 7th Ave, New York, NY 10010 – Open 24 hours, personally guilty of being here late night. 

    • Thai Villa: Known for their chic decor and ambience with delicious Thai food.

    What to get: Any dish you fancy, I’ve tried multiple ones and liked them all. 

    Website: http://thaivillanyc.com/

    Address:  5 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

    • Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya : We can’t forget sushi, Blue Ribbon is one of the best sushi spots in NYC, hands down.

    What to get: Ebi tempura roll, duck fried rice, atlantic salmon, and Pride of Samarui Sake 

    Website: https://www.blueribbonrestaurants.com/restaurants/blue-ribbon-sushi-izakaya

    Address: 187 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002

    Quick eats in New York City

    In a rush and not trying to break the bank? Try these options that are still tasty, are cheaper and more of a quick eat, not full sit down lunch/dinner.

    • Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken: Known for their deliciously, crunchy fried chicken.

    What to get: Fried chicken (you won’t regret it)

    Website: https://www.blueribbonfriedchicken.com/

    Address: 28 E 1st St, New York, NY 10003

    • Korilla: Known for their Korean meats/ ricebowls and infamous food truck.

    What to get: Bulgogi or tofu rice bowl 

    Website: https://korillabbq.com/menus

    Address: Multiple locations, Find one here

    • Dig Inn: Locally farmed food chain that is worth a stop when you are hungry. It is more health conscious so you won’t be leaving guilty!

    What to get: The food changes daily, you can choose to get a main with 2 sides. Perfect choice for the conscious eater.

    Website: https://www.diginn.com/ 

    Address: Literally all over New York City, Find a location here

    • Hummus & Pita Co: Quick and easy Mediterranean food chain that doesn’t compromise the taste.

    What to get: Hummus and chips and a pita wrap with falafel, with any of their delicious sides. So good! For dessert I get Rugelach or the pita chips.

    Website: https://www.hummusandpitas.com/Default.aspx 

    Address: Multiple locations, Find one here

    • Artichoke Pizza: Amazing pizza with gigantic slices open late. 

    What to get: Artichoke slice or any kind of slice. 

    Website: https://www.artichokepizza.com/

    Address: Multiple locations, Find one here.

    • 2 Bros Dollar Pizza: Iconic $1 slice of pizza open late and insanely cheap. It seems fake, but I promise you it’s real and its actually good for $1 pizza. Can’t beat that!

    What to get: Pizza!

    Website: https://www.2brospizza.com/

    Address: Multiple locations, Find one here.

    where to eat near bergen county area – fort lee

    where to eat near bergen county area

    Leaving New York City and making our way over the George Washington bridge to Northern NJ takes us to the first NJ town, Fort Lee. 

    Though it isn’t a big city, there are lots of food options worth checking out. 

    • New York Wing Factory: Sports bar with great wings and beer menu. Great place to watch a sports game with wings and beer in hands.

    What to get: Wings and/or craft beer, they have a lot of flavors/options for both.

    Website: https://www.nywingfactory.com/

    Address: 1642 Schlosser St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


    • Raku: Japanese restaurant with zen decor and a loungey kind of vibe open late. Actually went here because New York Wing Factory was closed and happy I did. Food was good and it was close to home.

    What to get: Gyoza, Tako Yaki, Tako Wasa, Clam Ginger and Garlic, Edamame

    Website: https://www.facebook.com/rakuizakaya/

    Address: 209 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


    • BCD Tofu house: Korean restaurant chain serving tofu soup and Korean food.

    What to get: Kimchi tofu soup (Kimchi is fermented veggies and cabbage), dumplings, and tofu stuffed with beef.  

    Website: https://www.bcdtofuhouse.com/

    Address: 1640 Schlosser St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


    • Menya sandaime: Cozy Japanese restaurant with classic wooden decor known for ramen. 

     What to get: Tonkatsu Ramen, Gyoza

    Address: 1638 Parker Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


    • Blue angel bakery: Korean cafe & bakery 

    What to get: They have Bungeo-ppang which is a fish shaped pastry stuffed with red bean or red bean and cream cheese, Dippin Dots, pastries, macaroons, etc. 

    Address: 1640 Schlosser St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024


    • Soup Dumpling plus: Chinese restaurant infamous for their casual eats and soup dumplings.

    What to get: Soup dumplings, it’s really good and fun to eat.

    Website: http://soupdumplingplus.com/

    Address: 1550 Lemoine Ave #109, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

    Palisades park/Ridgefield

    where to eat near bergen county area

    After the town of Fort Lee, comes Palisades Park and Ridgefield, NJ. These options below give you great ideas on where to eat near Bergen County area. 

    Here are my recommendations on them. Ridgefield doesn’t have as many restaurants as Palisades Park so those options are light.

    Palisades Park:

    • Bergen Blvd Bagels: Bagel shop and Deli. NJ isn’t shy of bagels and this is the perfect place to get a bagel.

    What to get: Bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel or a bagel and cream cheese.

    Address: 438 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650


    • Meson Madrid: Spanish restaurant in a lodge like space.

    What to get: I love the french fries they make there, the shrimp and rice, and steak is great too!

    Website: http://www.mesonmadrid.com/

    Address: 343 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650


    • Pelicana: Chicken Restaurant “King of Chicken”

    What to get: Fried chicken wings, corn cheese, mango ice cream beer, mozzarella sticks

    Website: http://pelicanausa.com/palisades-park/

    Address: 417 Brinkerhoff Ave, Palisades Park, NJ 07650


    • Donnas Pizza: Classic and modern pizzeria in a suburbs

    What to get: Sicilian Slice is serious here. Get it!

    Website: https://donnaspizza.com/

    Address: 404 Broad Ave, Palisades Park, NJ 07650


    • Boba Land: Coffee shop and bubble tea that closes late

    What to get: Taro or Mocha Bubble Tea, Pastries, Coffee

    Address: 110 Broad Ave, Palisades Park, NJ 07650



    Rispolis: Infamous Italian Bakery selling baked goods. Has been around for a while and has been featured on CBS, Viceland.

    What to get: Cannolis, Eclairs, Lobster tails, anything. It’s delicious. Come with a sweet tooth or get a coffee.

    Website: https://www.rispolipastryshop.com/

    Address: 824 Broad Ave, Ridgefield, NJ 07657

    cliffside park and fairview

    After Palisades Park and Ridgefield, comes the town of Cliffside Park and Fairview. These towns are a bit busier than the others mentioned above and have strong options to check out. 

    • Wich-one: Quick and casual Korean fusion. Wich-one has been in the media a lot, I found this spot through one of those viral Insider food videos on Facebook.

    What to get: Rib eye bowl, Cheesesteak, Shrimp sandwich

    Website: https://www.wich-one.com/

    Address: 529 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010


    • Vincent’s: Italian Restaurant and pizzeria that lets you BYOB

    What to get: Pizza, baked ziti, pasta, etc.

    Website: https://vincentscliffsidepark.com/

    Address: 535 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010


    • Avos grill: Mediterranean Restaurant

    What to get: Meze plate, falafel, gyro, or lamb 

    Website: https://avosgrill.com/

    Address: 720 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010


    • Marathon sushi 

    What to get: Lunch special, salmon avocado roll, salmon roll

    Address:  661 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010


    • Garden Pizza:  Italian restaurant and Pizzeria. I love Garden Pizza, best pizzeria in this area in my opinion.  the owners and staff are so friendly, and the food is always authentic and fresh.

    What to get: Pizza, Salads, Chicken cutlet sandwich, pasta, riceballs, grandma slices, etc. 

    Website: https://www.gardenpizzanj.com/Welcome.tpl?action=nc&from=Top125

    Address: 153 Bergen Blvd, Fairview, NJ 07022


    • 354 Steak House: Steakhouse serving Steak and Cuban food 

    What to get: Salmon or steak

    Website: https://www.354steakhouse.com/

    Address: 354 Lawton Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

    Well friend, the list of where to eat around Bergen County area has come to an end. I hope you keep this list handy if you get stuck on where to eat within this area. There are tons of other places but these are the ones I really like and wanted to recommend. Enjoy the grub! 

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