Work music: 5 mixes of music to boost productivity

You might put music on while you work and not even realize how much it affects your entire productivity. Today we are talking all about work music. Music has been long considered one of the most powerful tools for concentration.

Numerous recent studies have shown that listening to music while working can help boost productivity, and performance, and also improve mood.

This is because music is proven to have a calming effect on the brain.

The majority of people can benefit from music.

Additionally, people with ADHD, autism, or dementia are all able to benefit from listening to music while working. This is because it helps them concentrate on tasks more easily even when they are distracted by other noises in their environments.

Not only will you learn the benefits of using music this way, but you’ll also get options of music to stream now.

Work music and its benefits

work music

Music is an integral part of our lives. It is heard everywhere, from the radio to the supermarket. It has also been shown to be beneficial for certain tasks.

There are many benefits that music can provide for workers. Music has been proven to increase productivity and creativity in some fields, such as writing or design, but it can also help with work that focuses on the accuracy or detail orientation.

This is because music helps reduce mental fatigue and stress levels, it helps people feel good.

As a result, this improves mood and makes it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

This enables employees work to focus more intently on their tasks without being distracted by any side thoughts about the work they are doing or anything else going on in their lives outside of work.

How do you choose the best music for productivity?

Music is an integral part of the workplace. The right type of music can have a positive impact on your whole day. However, not all music is right for the job.

There are three main categories of music to consider when choosing what to listen to at work: lyric-based, non-lyric-based, and non-music. Each category has its own set of pros and cons associated with it.

Non-lyric based: Nonlyric-based tunes are typically instrumental or instrumental fusion favorite songs – they don’t have any lyrics in them.

This type of music is best for concentration and focus because it doesn’t distract your attention from the task at hand and they typically evoke more positive emotions than other types of music.

Lyric-based music is when there are lyrics that usually match the melody of the song. Lyric-based music is actually the worst for productivity. These are facts coming from a medical study.

If lyrics based music is a must for you, consider playing it lower and for background music or when you are doing easy things.

Non music is no music and this is important to use if you are performing hard cognitive tasks.

Music genres have proven to increase workflow

Outside of those categories, these music genres below can help us focus better.

There are many types of music that can change your mood, but there are some that are specially designed to keep you productive.

An example of this is music that has 50 to 80 Beats per minute. This type of music has a steady beat which will make you more productive because it helps your brain maintain focus on the task at hand.

Dr. Emma Gray did an infamous study on Spotify that found music within this range puts the brain into a certain zone: the alpha state.

Additionally, it’s not too distracting which keeps your mind from wandering too far away from what you’re doing.

Another type is classical music. Music written in this style has been shown to act as an excellent creative stimulant, especially if you’re creative in nature. It refreshes the creative side of the brain and stimulates problem-solving skills when working on tasks that require these skillsets.

Another benefit is that classical music also keeps the listener focused and energized when they execute tasks.

There is even a theory called the Mozart effect that claims that listening to Mozart increases intelligence.

Next is nature music. Do note, that it needs to be calming nature sounds such as rain falling versus animals making noises. Nature music is proven to increase not only your focus but your mood too.

If the music isn’t gentle enough it can actually be distracting so make sure you pick something that fl0ws~.

Nothing kicks things off without the right playlist of music.

50-80BPM work music playlist

Classical Music

Nature Music

Music you love

When searching for ways to increase your own focus, listening to background music you enjoy can certainly help. Here’s one of my personal favorite songs for you to put your head down and get things done.

You can easily put this as background music since its lyric based if your tasks are demanding.

Work music conclusion

Listening to music can have a profound effect on your mood, emotion, and even how you perceive the world.

Music is a big part of all our lives. Here’s more music content for you to check out:

I hope you enjoyed learning about how you can increase your focus by utilizing music while you work. Do you listen to music while you are on the clock or do you like to keep things quiet?


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